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Afflictions are conditions that your grem can be affected by after their creation. Examples of currently known Afflictions are: Weregrem, Extra-Terrestrial, and Predatory. Unlike Mutations, Afflictions have a specific set of effects on the grem, and tend to come from outside causes, such as an infectious bite in the case of Weregrems, or exposure to certain materials in the cases of Extra-Terrestrial and Predatory grems.

Any grem (including hybrids, cyphers, splices, etc) can become Afflicted, but may only have ONE Affliction at any given time.

Ear Trait

Grem ears can be scarred, pierced, or knicked, but not entirely missing. While one ear can be partially damaged, full cropping of both ears is special to fighter grems only.

Neck Trait

The fluff and styling of a grem's neck fur.

Tail Trait

The shape and utility of a grem's tail.


All types of mutations and other traits for grems.



Seasonal traits that come into availability only within their respective season. 



  • While these traits can mix with other traits, there will be individual limitations to each seasonal trait. Please see individual traits for more information. 
  • Any grem (including hybrids, cyphers, Etc.) can use seasonal traits.



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