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Welcome to the Rule section of Gremcorps, when being apart of this group via sales or membership you are agreeing to abide by these rules & our Terms of Service. Be sure to read them all carefully in order to make sure that you follow them properly. 


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Terms Of Service

By purchasing a particular design of any of the intellectual property I own & have created (Grem2 & any other  headworld closed species), you automatically agree to the following conditions. Please read this entirely and carefully to avoid an complications. If there are any questions or concerns, please Note Gremcorps  accordingly!

► Please read the Grem rules below, as you are agreeing to them the moment you gain any of my closed species into your possession.


► By purchasing my Closed species whether it be MYO slots or sales, you are purchasing only a partial right to my Intellectual Property.  I retain all rights over my work, which includes but is not limited to the right to use works created by myself or my business as a sample for sales/self-promotion. 


► Users who come into possession of any design within my closed species may edit that design within the limitations of my redesign rules. This includes any MYO designs created by other users. You may not dictate what happens to a MYO design that you created once it leaves your possession.

► Do not make a species out of Grems, changing your individual grem to another species can be handled through the Voiding Section.

► You are nor permitted to use this species of any closed species of palleth for any other commercial purpose without MrGremble 's permission.

► You have the right to resell my CS for the amount that it was bought for, shown on their masterlist description. Art add-ons are not allowed to be included onto their resale, this includes digital & traditional art pieces, etc unless stated otherwise. For more information, please read the Sales/Trade section in the rules. 


► Neither myself nor my admin team will have the right to resell a person’s artwork or design created from a MYO slot. However, if myself or other designers directed by me (admin/guest artist/etc) were to come into possession of your design via trade/gift/sale/etc, we reserve the right to edit/redesign as we see fit for non-profit redistribution within the group (including free raffles, free adoptions, trades, event prizes, etc). Repurposed MYO designs WILL NOT EVER be sold for profit unless given express permission by the original artist/designer.  

► Any sale taken by us is final sale, No refunds are given unless description rules on a sale say otherwise or a commission has not been completed.

You are NOT permitted to make a species using any adoptable you buy from myself and my headworld.



Grem IP/Rights

► Grems are a closed species and are not authorized to be created freely without expressed permission from MrGremble.

► This group is strictly PG 13+, do not join if you are any younger than the required age bracket.

► AU versions of grems are restricted to non-closed-species only. You MAY NOT have AU versions of your grem as other closed species (unless it is a closed species owned by you).

► All AU versions of a grem are forfeited and nullified upon ownership transfer of that grem to another user.

for more information about AU Rules & Explanation, click here! 

Gremcorps Group

► Members agree that they will not solicit ANYONE for their grems, grem Myos, Event tokens, or other items specific to the Grem Corp Group as Soliciting other users for their grems is not permitted.

► Please keep controversial subject matters out of the group when developing your grem’s character. Things like earth-based war, religion, politics, and other such subjects can be sensitive and we would prefer if you kept those things private or used fictional variations for your grem.

► Please keep all group submissions at a PG-13 level. Art that is overtly sexual, graphically violent, or containing depictions of death, gore, or controversial subject matters may be declined by the group. This is at the discretion of the admins and is done to maintain a comfortable environment for all members. While users are welcome to draw their grems however they wish, please try to keep art tasteful when submitting to GremCorps.

► Art theft, Grem rip-offs, and similar situations should be brought to the attention of an admin, please Note Gremcorps with your proof and an admin will assess the situation/Deal with it accordingly. Do not harass, publicly call out, or otherwise mini-mod or take matters into your own hands. 

► Harassment/deliberate defamation is NOT permitted within this group in any way. This includes harassment of users for grem ownership as well as demeaning/vague posts about other users or the group itself. Please live and let live within our community. If a member is being harassed by another user, please Note Gremcorps with your proof and we will look into it.

► Creating or knowingly purchasing designs that are intentionally ripped-off of grems or advertising as “off-brand” grems can result in a permanent ban and blacklist from GremCorps. 

MYO Rules

{ Guide link }

► MYO slots are only able to be used one time. No exceptions. Once an MYO slot is used, it becomes the Grem's ID tag. MYO slots cannot be 'reused'.

► MYO slots may be sold for the price paid by the current owner. They may not be traded (unless otherwise stated in the masterlist description). Attempting to circumvent this rule may result in a warning.

► MYO grem designs may NOT be heavily inspired or copied from copyrighted characters.

► MYO grem designs CANNOT be heavily inspired or copied from pre-existing characters, using a pre-existing design created by you (or with permission from another artist) will only be permitted on the agreement that the original design is nullified upon the grem leaving your ownership as well as the original creator of said design permiting the nullification. This is to avoid the risk of the grem being traded independent of the original design, resulting in duplicate designs belonging to separate owners.

► Once created, Note Gremcorps  with your MYO for approval. After it has been approved you will need to register the grem using the Masterlist Hub (3.0). Make sure the entire trait info is included as well as a link to the proof of approval you received. Be aware that the grem will NOT be considered official (and as such not able to be traded/sold/gifted) until this process is completed.

► If you wish to commission an artist to design your MYO slot grem, that artist must first be approved by MrGremble. A list of artists who have already been approved can be found here: MYO Grem Designer/Redesigner List

However if you’d prefer to commission someone not already approved, you’ll first need to have the artist note MrGremble to request approval. This is to ensure that the artist is eligible to design a grem ( Eg: Has not been Grey/Black-listed from our group ) and understands the design guidelines.

Do not finalize payment for a commission before getting approval first.

► MYO grems will incur a 30 day trade cooldown period, beginning after the grem has been created and approved. The grem may not be traded, gifted, or sold until that 30 days has passed. Proof of the creation date must be provided before the trade can be accepted.

► When designing your grem, please be sure to follow the blood rules provided Here and Here  /////(KEEP THIS LINK FOR NOW UNTIL THE BLOOD RULES CHART IS DONE)/////before sending the design in for evaluation by noting the GremCorps group. Your grem will need to be presented with a full body image and a headshot depicting their blood change (Example).


{ Guide link }

► An "Overhaulable Grem" is when a grem's design is created within or prior to 2015. In order to check if your grem is over eligible for overhaul, first check the description of your grem in the Masterlist Account to see if it has been marked as overhaulable OR note Note Gremcorps .

► If you know that your grem was created in 2015 or prior (and has not been redesigned/overhauled in the past), but it is not marked as overhaulable on the masterlist, please Note Gremcorps .

► Once an "overhauable" grem is heavily redesigned or overhauled, then it is not longer eligible for future overhauls.

Sale/Trade Grems

► You must notify the masterlist of all trades/sales/transfers of ownership. Repeated intentional neglect of this rule will result in strikes and further disciplinary action.

► Grems must be registered under the current owner on the masterlist in order to be eligible for sale/trade/redesign

► Grems obtained via new-owner-only auctions and raffles cannot be traded until a period of 2 weeks has passed since the time of purchase.

► Co-owning is not permitted.

► Backing out of an auction bid can result in being blacklisted from future participation in grem auctions. Please bid responsibly.

► Grems that were purchased may only be sold for equal or less than the price shown in the description of its masterlist entry. If a grem is sold for less than its original purchase price, the sale value will be updated to reflect the new price.

Once a grem is traded, gifted, or otherwise exchanged in a manner other than resale, that grem’s sale value is forfeit, and it may no longer be sold by future owners. The grem’s masterlist info will be updated to reflect this.

► Once all parties involved in a trade have agreed to the trade, it should be considered final. You may not back out of that trade without the agreement of all parties. Please be certain of your trade before agreeing, as repeatedly backing out of trades with other members may result in disciplinary action against your account.

Once the trade has been agreed upon, it must be entered into the Masterlist journal to be made official. All involved parties must reply to that comment to confirm the trade.

► When creating a journal to sell or trade your grem, you must provide the masterlist link or image shown in the journal to show that your ownership of the grem is official.

► Grems may not be traded for non-crafted/non-art items, future or unspecified autobuy vouchers/offers, or fulfillment of amazon wishlists, gift cards, etc. Grems may however be traded for art if the owner so chooses, so long as the amount and type of art is specified ahead of time in the trade agreement. This includes digital and traditional art, such as paintings, custom plushes, adoptables, sculptures, fursuit pieces, and other custom or commissioned medias.

► Trading journals submitted to GremCorps must contain at least one grem up for trade. "Seeking" journals will not be accepted. We will also not accept journals containing grems listed as "Tentative" or "Entertaining", so please be certain you are willing to trade your grem before submitting. Feel free to specify that you are picky or selective, but please avoid using the quoted terms above. This is simply to reduce journals in which the owner does not actually intend to trade their grem.

► Additional art will not add to the monetary value of a grem. The only exception to this rule is for users choosing to commission an approved artist to design their MYO slot. In this case only (with permission from the artist), you may add the cost of that design commission to the total value of your grem. Example: A person who purchased a $40 MYO slot and then purchased a $20 MYO design commission could sell their grem for a total of $60.

► Any trade involving commissions/art services should be completed by all parties before the grem is transferred. If you choose to transfer ownership of your grem before the art being traded is completed, you are accepting the risk of that art or service never being finished, as once your grem has been transferred, that trade is final. We will not step in to undo that trade.


► You must wait for a period of 2 weeks after submitting a YCH or trade journal to the group before resubmitting. ”Bumping” your trading journal by deleting it or removing it from the group and resubmitting before that 14 day period has passed is not allowed, and your journal or YCH will not be accepted back into the group. We do keep track of this.

► When it comes to commission-related journals, we only allow grem-related commission journals into this group. A generalized journal only showing one piece of grem art among many others does not qualify as a grem-related journal. Likewise, a journal offering general commissions in which the artist is merely willing to draw grems but does not provide examples is equally not acceptable and will be declined from our group.

► You must wait for a period of 2 weeks after submitting a YCH or trade journal to the group before resubmitting. ”Bumping” your trading journal by deleting it or removing it from the group and resubmitting before that 14 day period has passed is not permitted and will be declined.


{ Guide link } (( After you've familiarized with yourself with the vouchers, please make sure how to read this to familiarize yourself with how to put the voucher into the journal.)))

► Vouchers are primarily a trade type exchange where a specified item or art service is traded in exchange for a grem. Vouchers are in no way monetarily added to the grem's worth as this is considered a trade and not a sale. 

The only type of vouchers we allow in GremCorps are ones that completely specify what the owner is looking for in their journal. (for example, you specify that you want a specific commission from a certain artist, or you're wanting a certain design in exchange for the grem in question). No matter if the grem is bought or not, we do allow you to trade your grem for art/design vouchers but you MUST be specific in what art/design you are requesting in exchange for the grem, as well as make sure that the buyer knows that this will result in a trade, nullifying the grem’s resale value. Unspecified/general future vouchers, add-on vouchers and voucher slaves are strictly prohibited from the group.

► Do not create vouchers outside of the group without a required journal approval via Gremcorps Notes, this process is mandatory in order for the voucher to be deemed safe for the use of other users. 

► If a user fails to use our voucher template as well as voucher outside of group approval, then it is deemed unsafe for grem users and should be reported through Gremcorps Notes

► It is mandatory to include the voucher template offered in the link in order to have your voucher allowed into this group. Voucher Rule Changes (IMPORTANT)



Acceptable Vouchers:

✔️ Specified art/commissions from a single specified artist. (Please note that by offering art from another artist, you are accepting the risk of that artist not completing the art. In order for your trade to be honored, all agreed-upon art must be completed, and we will not be responsible if that artist does not come through)

✔️ Crafted goods such as fursuit pieces/sculptures/plushes (Handmade items created by independent artists, this includes customs and pre-made merchandise)

✔️ Specified designs/adoptables created by independent artists that are currently up for sale/swap/trade at the time of the agreement (meaning you may not ask for a vague voucher for an unspecified future adopt)

*If you do not wish to publicly disclose the specific adopt/art that you are seeking, you may elect to keep it to notes, however you must contact GremCorps to state what it is that you are seeking so that we know it adheres to our guidelines.


Unacceptable Vouchers:

❌ Art/voucher slavery 

❌ Unspecified art/crafted goods etc that are vague or are not currently available, such as saying you want some sort of design AB in the future, or some sort of fursuit piece but you aren't sure who you want it from or when their commissions will be available etc. 

❌ Physical goods that are not artwork or crafted pieces (things from amazon wishlists/ebay etc.)

❌ Indirect Third Party Payments (Eg: Sending money to someone other than the intended artist.)


Partial Payments:

✔️ What is allowed: Asking for vouchers that are less than the entire amount of the thing you are vouchering for.

(Ex: You want to voucher for the purchase of a new commission or adoptable that is being sold for $500. You could voucher your grem in exchange for someone paying a partial amount (let's say $300) of that total, and then pay the remaining amount ($200) on your own or through other means. 

Note that when vouchering for a partial-payment, you fully relinquish ownership of your grem upon agreement/exchange. If you fail to complete your payment, or the artist you commissioned fails to complete your art, you will not receive your grem back. By agreeing to the exchange, you accept these risks. 

❌ What is NOT allowed: Asking for vouchers to pay off something you have already purchased.

(Ex: Vouchering your grem to pay off an old unpaid-for commission/Character/Item.)


Voiding Grems

{ Guide link }

Voiding is the process of permanently eliminating a grem from existence in order to use the design on another species/character/etc. (please see AU rules for the difference between voiding and AU). This process is irreversible* and results in permanent removal of the grem in question from the masterlist. All grems are eligible for this process.

*Voids may be reversed under certain circumstances. This is handled on a strict case-by-case basis and it should always be assumed that the void is irreversible.

► You may request that any single grem you own be voided so long as that grem is not under a cooldown (shown on the grem’s masterlist entry, if present).

► In order to request a void, please note the GremCorps group with the link to the grem's masterlist entry.

► All newly created grems are given an initial 6 month void-lock, and cannot be voided until that period has passed (shown on the grem’s masterlist entry, if present).

► Voiding a grem will trigger a void-cooldown on the user, meaning that user will not be able to request another void until that cooldown period has passed. The users first void will result in a 3 month cooldown. All voids after the first will result in a 6 month cooldown (void cooldowns will never be longer than 6 months).

► Grems may only be voided one at a time (subject to cooldowns detailed above). Cases may be made In special cases, such as leaving the group entirely or being blacklisted/banned from the group, a user may request a one-time exception in order to mass-void a larger number of grems at once.

Please understand that this exception is only for banned members or those who confirm to us that they are permanently leaving the group. Those remaining within GremCorps and wishing to continue activity within the group will be subject to the normal rules and cooldowns.

► If you wish to return to the group after performing a mass-void, you will need to speak with an admin to request re-entry. You will not be able to request another mass-void. Again, you may only request a mass-void ONE TIME, and the process is irreversible, so PLEASE be certain of your decision before requesting one.

► We reserve the right to deny a void request in the event of any suspicious activity. In such cases we will provide all available information leading us to this denial, and the user will be given every opportunity to appeal or discuss the matter with an admin if they feel they were denied unfairly.

► Once the design has been turned into a non-grem (bearing no strong likeness to the grem species or its lore) you are free to trade/gift/transfer ownership of that design as you please.


Pets & Items

{ Guide link }

►Any item/ticket/pets are allowed to be traded once they are added to the Palleth Inventory Masterlist

► Redesigning a confirmed Palleth species is currently not permitted until further notice, as concrete rules and mods have not yet been placed for this category, though it is currently in the works.

► All items/pets/tokens recorded within this inventory are able to be traded for other artistic items. Vouchers are not allowed for items or pets. 

If you're seeing this then GOLD STAR FOR YOU!, that means you're reading our rules, and we appreciate you! 


Grem Types 

Official Pit/Fighter Grems (Group Type)

► Official Pit Grems (or "fighter grems") are currently a restricted class and cannot be created without approval (requests are currently closed). Only Pit Grems may have fully docked ears (both ears cut off close to the skull). You can learn more about Pit Grems here

(More Grem Type Rules coming soon)