The rules are always subject to change as we work to improve any rules that require an update. We will have a date and time of updates on this page as we do so.

Welcome to the Rule Section of GremcorpsARPG!

When being a part of this group via sales or membership you are agreeing to abide by these rules, our Community Guidelines  and our Terms of Service.
Please read these documents carefully as you are agreeing to them the moment you sign up on this site, as well as when you obtain ownership of any adoptable under the Grem IP.


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1. Grem IP/Rights

Any use of “Grem IP” encompasses all Grem content, Palleth content, and any other content created or authorized by MrGremble for the Gremcorps Website and Discord.

Please read these rules carefully as you are agreeing to them the moment you acquire any characters, items, currencies, or etc. relating to the Gremcorps group/site. 


[1:1] Our website is strictly a 16+ site , we will not accept users below this age range. Do not join if you are any younger than the required age bracket. 

Users under the age of 16 years will be prohibited from entering any criteria labeled with a 16+ warning (Eg: Events/prompts/etc). They will also be prohibited from joining the Discord for their own safety.

We will be providing content warnings above any 16+ rated criteria, if you decide to surpass our content warning, we will make the assumption that you had read all warnings above and therefore will not make any Gremcorps staff liable for any safety breach from that point on.

[1:2] Grem2 are a closed species and are not authorized to be created freely without expressed permission from MrGremble

[1:3]  By obtaining an adoptable under the Grem IP, you are purchasing only a partial right to the Grem IP. MrGremble retains all rights over their work, which includes but is not limited to the right to use works created by MrGremble or the business as a sample for sales/self-promotion. 

[1:4] Users who come into possession of any design within Mrgremble's closed species may edit that design within the limitations of the redesign rules provided in the Guides Section. This includes any MYO designs created by other users. The original creator of a MYO character may not dictate what happens to the design once it has left their possession. 

[1:5] MrGremble retains the sole right to authorize the minting of NFTs of any work involving their IP.
NFT or any AI work is prohibited from anything pertaining to Mrgremble’s IP and Website. 

Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate blacklisting from the group, the community, and its resources.

[1:6] You are not permitted to co-own any adoptables under the Grem IP.

[1:7] You are not permitted to make a species with any adoptable under the Grem IP.

[1:8] Neither Mrgremble nor the GremcorpsARPG team members have the right to resell a person’s artwork or design created from a MYO slot. 

However, if MrGremble or other designers directed by them (admin/guest artist/etc) were to come into possession of your design via trade/gift/sale/etc, we reserve the right to edit/redesign as we see fit for non-profit redistribution within the group (including free raffles, free adoptions, trades, event prizes, etc). 

Repurposed MYO designs WILL NOT EVER be sold for profit unless given express permission by the original artist/designer.  

[1:9] You have the right to resell any adoptable purchased by you under the Grem IP for the amount that you paid so long as it is reflected on that character’s masterlist page. Art add-ons may not be used to add to the monetary value of a Grem or adoptable under the Grem IP.


2.Age Restriction

[2:1] All areas are a 16+ space, the website and Discord will be presenting dark themed content, this includes dark depictions of death, weapons, alcohol, war, fantasy death and destruction, horror, strong violence, aggressive language, drug use, and other mature themes.

Users will still be required to apply a content warning filter to their content for peace of mind.

Content pertaining to the list below will now be accepted and presented in Discord and website spaces.

  • Mild Gore, Blood and Violence.
  • Weaponry including melee weapons and guns.
  • Use of Drugs and Alcohol.
  • Dark fantasy and themes pertaining to the lore of Palleth and all species within it.

[2:2] Portrayals and visuals of hard drugs, gun worship, substance abuse, overtly graphic/dark content pertaining to sex and violence is prohibited from the website and Discord spaces entirely. Controversial content is also prohibited (eg: Content pertaining to mental health/suicide/etc). 

  • (Criteria Allowed: Blood, bruises, fighting, wounds and gashes, showing of a weapon, weapon use.   
  • Criteria Disallowed: Detailed gore and show of organs, extreme depictions of mutilation and broken/cut off limbs.)  

[2:3] Over-sexualization of Grems or other creatures is prohibited from both the website and Discord (this includes kinks and fetishes).

[2:4] Depictions of Grems with weapons and drugs in ref sheets are accepted, but must be tasteful (eg: wearing/using it to show off the design) and properly tagged for content warnings in the Discord group. Prosthetics can also be shown with limited weaponry within believability {eg: simple knife/gun).


3.Gremcorps Group

[3:1] Be courteous and professional when interacting with any team member, this includes any user with a rank above members. Any sort of harassment or rude behavior made towards them or other users will not be tolerated. Continued behaviour after being given a warning will result in a removal from Discord and blacklist from the site.

Please work to be respectful with community members in conversational spaces. Work to the best of your ability to avoid and/or drop controversial topics or heated debate. If a topic you are not okay with is being discussed in a public space, then privately contact an admin and we will deal with it accordingly. 

[3:2] Please keep controversial subject matters out of the group. Topics such as war, religion, politics, drama, and other such subjects can be sensitive and we request those topics be kept private. This should also apply to any character/lore development written in group spaces (Gremcorps website, Discord, dA, etc).

[3:3] Members agree that they will not solicit ANYONE for Gremcorps items or characters. Solicitation is not permitted. If someone does solicit you, please contact us through reports

[3:4] Art theft, Grem rip-offs, and similar situations should be brought to the attention of an admin, please contact us through reports with your proof and an admin will assess the situation/deal with it accordingly. Do not harass, publicly call out, or otherwise mini-mod or take matters into your own hands, as doing so may be considered harassment and will not be tolerated.

[3:5] Harassment/deliberate defamation is NOT permitted within this group in any way. This includes harassment of users for Grem/character ownership as well as demeaning/vague posts about other users or the group itself. If a member is being harassed by another user, please contact us through reports with your proof and we will look into it.

 [3:6] Creating or knowingly purchasing designs that are intentionally ripped-off of Grems or advertising as “off-brand” Grems may result in a permanent ban and blacklist from Gremcorps. 


4. MYO Rules

[4:1] MYO designs may NOT be heavily inspired or 1:1 copied from copyrighted characters, real people, or commercial IPs.

[4:2] Using the design of a Grem onto a closed species MYO is prohibited. This includes creating heavily inspired versions of your Grem onto other closed species.    

[4:3]  MYO slots may only be used one time. Once a MYO slot is used, it becomes the character's ID tag. 

[4:4] MYO Grems will incur a 30 day trade cooldown period, beginning at the time of official design approval. The Grem may not be traded, gifted, or sold until that 30 days has passed.

[4:5] MYO slots cannot be traded or vouchered, only gifted, or sold if a price has been applied to their masterlist page. Attempting to circumvent this rule will be considered loopholing and may result in a strike or higher severity depending on the situation and user.

You may however create a design for a MYO slot with the intention of trading the completed and approved design to another user after the 30-day cooldown has passed. The MYO slot MUST be fully designed, approved, and officially uploaded to the masterlist. The 30-day cooldown MUST be expired before it can be traded. 

[4:6] Users have the ability to design their Grem off of a one-off design in your possession (so long as you have permission of the original creator before using the design); HOWEVER the design cannot already have other closed species iterations/forms existing at the same time.

[4:7] Basing a Grem’s design on a one-off design will deem it as locked to the Grem. If you decide you want to separate the design from the Grem in order to trade and/or sell the design, then you’re required to go through the redesigning process (see [5.1] for redesign process rules and cooldowns) to make the Grem have no visual resemblance to the one-off design before unlocking the design from their possession. 

You understand and agree that by locking a one-off design to a Grem, the one-off design cannot be traded or sold separately from the Grem, and cannot add any monetary value onto the price of the Grem. Failure to follow these rules may result in a blacklist.

[4:8] Turning MYO designs into other CS (and vice versa) is prohibited.   

[4:9] MYO designs will NOT be considered official until they are approved and uploaded to the Masterlist. Designs MUST be in the Masterlist and up-to-date in order to be used for events, traded, resold or gifted.

[4:10] Designs attached to a Grem cannot be separated and put onto another MYO slot under any circumstance.

5. Redesigning Rules

[5:1] All Grems and companions are subject to the redesign limitations within our Redesign Guide

[5:2] Upon Redesigning, you will have the choice between “redesign”, “reversion” and “cosmetic” change. A redesign will activate a 30-day redesign cool down, whereas the cosmetic change will not. 

Reversion: Grems can typically have more than one design attached to their image roster, you have the ability to go back to any of them in their roster, but they can possibly risk losing traits as they cannot pass them between designs, you will either have to re-add them back into the older art, or risk losing the trait.

[5:3] Each subspecies will have their own rules that need to be followed when redesigning, please read through their guides before redesigning your character.


6. Sale/Trade 

[6:1] Notifying the masterlist of all trades/sales/transfers of ownership is required. Repeated intentional neglect of this rule will result in strikes and further disciplinary action. 

[6:2] Characters must be registered under the current owner on the Masterlist in order to be eligible for sale/trade/redesign.

[6:3] Backing out of an official auction bid or sale claim can result in being blacklisted from future participation in sales. Please bid/claim responsibly.

[6:4] Characters that were purchased may only be sold for equal or less than the price shown in the description of its masterlist entry next to "CAN BE SOLD". 

If a character is sold for less than its original purchase price, the sale value will be updated to reflect the price paid. Once a character is traded, gifted, or otherwise exchanged in a manner other than resale, that character's sale value is forfeit, and it may no longer be sold by future owners. The character’s masterlist info will be updated to reflect this. 

[6:5]  Additional art will NOT add monetary value to a grem/character. The only exception to this rule is for users choosing to commission an artist to design their MYO slot. In this case only (with permission from the artist), you may add the cost of that design commission to the total value of your grem (request via comments when submitting your MYO design). 

(Example: A person who purchased a $40 MYO slot and then purchased a $20 MYO design commission could sell their grem for a total of $60.)

Breaking of this rule will be considered a scam situation and we will be applying heavy penalties as such, each situation will be handled on a case by case basis.

[6:6] Once all parties involved in a trade or sale have agreed to the proposal, it should be considered final. You may not back out of that trade without the agreement of all parties. 

Please be certain of your trade before agreeing, as repeatedly backing out of trades with other members may result in disciplinary action against your account. Once the trade has been agreed upon, it must be followed through with to be made official. All involved parties must confirm the trade.

[6:7]  Characters can only be traded for art or handmade items, so long as the voucher rules and guidelines in the voucher section below are followed. This includes digital and traditional art, such as paintings, custom plushies, adoptables, sculptures, fursuit pieces, and other custom or commissioned handmade media.

(Cannot be traded/vouchered for non-crafted/non-art items, future or unspecified autobuy vouchers/offers, or fulfillment of amazon wishlists, gift cards, etc.)

Items (adopts/art/crafted pieces) which have no set autobuy/buyout price would fall under the "unspecified autobuy" category and as such would not be permitted. Any and all items will need to have an autobuy/buyout price that is specified by the person hosting the voucher in order to be approved for a voucher of that amount.

[6:8] Any trade involving commissions/art services should be completed by all parties before the character is transferred. If you choose to transfer ownership of your character before the art being traded is completed, you are accepting the risk of that art or service never being finished, as once your character has been transferred, that trade is final. We will not step in to undo this trade.

[6:9] A user may not own more than three Cypherus grems at a time. Users who acquired more than three Cyphers before December 7th, 2022 may keep or swap those Cyphers, but may not acquire more (even if the number they own decreases) until they own fewer than three. Please do not attempt to circumvent or loophole this rule, as any substantial evidence of a user doing so may result in a strike or blacklist from the group. 

7. Vouchers

 Visual Guide

[7:1] Vouchers are primarily a trade type exchange where a specified item or art service is traded in exchange for a Grem. Vouchers are in no way monetarily added to the character’s worth as this is considered a trade and not a sale.

Any Grem has the ability to be vouchered, but because this is considered a trade, any Grem with a resale value listed on the masterlist will lose that value and no longer be resellable.

[7:2] Vouchers are required to be approved by a moderator using the form below. In order to have your voucher approved, please send in a claim/voucher request or request a moderator using the voucher team tag in Discord to have them be notified and help you shortly.

Required Voucher Form

If a user fails to use our voucher template, or the voucher is not approved by an admin/mod, then it is deemed unsafe for users and should be reported.

[7:3] Pulling out of a voucher or otherwise not following the approved voucher can result in a temporary ban or blacklist from the group. (this may apply to all parties involved in a voucher agreement)

[7:4]  Your voucher is required to be at a set price. Forcing users that accept your voucher to change their price range due to an auction/OTA setting is prohibited. 


Acceptable Vouchers:

✔️ Specified art/commissions from a third-party artist. (Please note that by offering art from another artist, you are accepting the risk of said artist not completing the art. In order for your trade to be honored, all agreed-upon art must be completed. We will not be responsible if that artist does not complete their part of the agreement.)

 ✔️ Hand-crafted goods such as fursuit pieces/sculptures/plushes (or other handmade items created by independent artists, this includes customs and pre-made merchandise).

 ✔️ Specified designs/adoptables created by independent artists that are currently up for sale/swap/trade at the time of the agreement (meaning you may not ask for a vague voucher for an unspecified future adopt).

*All vouchers require approval from Gremcorps before being posted into the group/Discord. You may choose to keep the item private to the public, as long as the team has seen and approved the item or service beforehand. 


Unacceptable Vouchers:

❌ Art/voucher slavery.

❌ Unspecified art/crafted goods etc that are vague or are not currently available.

(Eg: Wanting to autobuy in the future, or buy a crafted good that is on a waitlist. TLDR: Holding the voucher hostage until you find something for them to buy.) 

❌ Physical goods that are not artwork or hand-crafted pieces (mass-produced content/merch, items from Amazon wishlists/Ebay etc.)

❌ Indirect Third-Party Payments  (Eg: Sending money to someone other than the intended artist.)

❌ Asking for vouchers to pay off something you have already claimed via AB or purchased.

(Eg: Vouchering your Grem to pay off an unpaid-for commission/character/Item. This includes claiming an autobuy without payment as this is considered a fulfillment payment. We will not honor partial or full payments for this.)


Partial Payments: 

✔️ What is allowed: Asking for vouchers that are less than the entire amount of the item you are vouchering for.

 (Eg: Vouchering for the purchase of a new commission or adoptable that is being sold for $500. You could voucher your Grem in exchange for someone paying a partial amount (let's say $300) of that total, and then pay the remaining amount ($200) on your own or through other means. 

Note that when vouchering for a partial-payment, you fully relinquish ownership of your Grem upon agreement/exchange. If you fail to complete your payment, or the artist you commissioned fails to complete your art, you will not receive your Grem back. By agreeing to the exchange, you accept these risks. 

 ❌ What is NOT allowed: Asking for vouchers to pay off something you have already claimed via AB or purchased.

(Eg: Vouchering your Grem to pay off an unpaid-for commission/character/Item. This includes claiming an autobuy without payment as this is considered a fulfillment payment. We will not honor partial or full payments for this.)


8. Voiding Grems

MrGremble has the jurisdiction to reverse any and all void types if they see fit, requests can be made but assume that all void requests are a permanent and irreversable action.

When going through the process of voiding your Grem(s), you will be agreeing to the rules and conditions below:

[8:1] When voiding a Grem(s), you are only able to use ONE iteration of that Grem to repurpose onto a different species/character. If the one you wish to use is an older version, you must inform us which, so that we can update the Masterlist to reflect it.

Once voided, only THAT version will be available to you for use. Any other iterations of that Grem (past redesigns/overhauls/versions/AU) become locked and completely unavailable

If the Grem has been given the permission to be unvoided, those designs will be unlocked and will once again be available for reversion. 

[8:2] Grems may only be voided one at a time (subject to cooldowns detailed above). Special cases can be made, such as leaving the group entirely or being blacklisted/banned from the group, a user may request a one-time exception in order to mass-void a larger number of Grems at once.

Please understand that this exception is only for banned members or those who confirm to us that they are permanently leaving the group. Those remaining within Gremcorps and wishing to continue activity within the group will be subject to the normal void rules and cooldowns.

[8:3]  Voiding a Grem will trigger a void-cooldown on the user, meaning that user will not be able to request another void until that cooldown period has passed. The user's first void will result in a 3-month cooldown. All voids after the first will result in a 6-month cooldown (void cooldowns will never be longer than 6 months).

[8:4]  Mantagrems cannot be voided as per Kemikel’s request, unless certain anatomical removal requirements are met. (This includes the removal of the wing’s eyes and the wing’s ridges.)

[8:5]  You may request that any single Grem you own be voided so long as that grem is not under a cooldown (shown on the Grem’s masterlist entry, if present).

[8:6]  All newly created Grems are given an initial 6-month void-lock, and cannot be voided until that period has passed.

[8:7] Requesting a mass-void (voiding over 3 Grems or more) can only be made available if you wish to leave the group permanently. You may only request a mass-void ONE TIME, this process is irreversible, so PLEASE be certain of your decision before requesting one.

Mass-voiding is only triggered when all Grems are voided at once. Gradually voiding Grems one by one will not be considered “mass-voiding”, therefore reversibility becomes available.

[8:8] You must be the current owner of the voided Grem in order to unvoid it.

[8:9] If you choose to make a request to unvoid a Grem, you will need to contact an admin in order to be given this permission. 

Once granted this exception, you will have to agree to delete any alternative closed species iterations of the Grem’s design that may exist before unvoiding. One-off iterations are able to be kept but will now be locked to the Grem’s masterlist, meaning that any and all one-off versions cannot be traded or sold until the redesign changes have been made to separate them visually. (see [4:6] for more details)

If the group is alerted to a replica of a Grem's design still existing after the Grem has been unvoided, then this will be considered a ban-able offense.

[8:10] In reference to rule 8:8

You understand that if at any point we learn that alternative closed species copies of this Grem’s design exist, we reserve the right to revoid that Grem until such time that the alt. copies have been removed and proof of such can be provided to us. Even if you were not the one who originally created the alt. copies.

Please be 100% certain that no alt. Closed species copies of a Grems design exist before proceeding with the unvoid process, otherwise you accept the risk of possibly having the Grem re-voided at a later date if alt. copies are discovered.

If you are the owner of a voided Grem with alt. closed species copies you are responsible for letting any future owners know about these rules and about the existence of any alt. designs. 

If this makes sense to you and you still want to continue, put in another void request with "I agree to have read all of the rules over and are accepting the terms and conditions."

9. Website

[9:1]  Exploitation of glitches or loopholes is not permitted. The discovery of a new bug should be reported immediately in Bug Reports so that the team may take steps to correct the issue. 

[9:2]  The use of bots, scripts, auto-refreshers, or third party software designed to play the game for you in any way is not permitted. Discovery of this use will be considered a bannable offense and you will be blacklisted from the group.

[9:3]   All items, virtual currency, companions, and rewards are considered a limited license for you to use while your account is open. 

Due to the limitations of this license in the event that your account is terminated or banned the entire inventory and virtual currency bank associated with your account is considered forfeit and you are not liable to receive compensation for any losses.

[9:4]  If you close your account or are banned from using our service, we may still display any "MYOs", companion designs, character designs , artwork, and text submitted by you during the time you were using this service.

[9:5]  The sale or trade of in-game items for monetary currency, cryptocurrency, barter, or otherwise tangible (physical) items or currency is prohibited. 

[9:6] Gremcorps in-game items cannot be sold or traded for virtual currency, items, or characters from other websites or services. 

In-game items from Gremcorps can only be exchanged for other Gremcorps in-game items, Gremcorps virtual currency, or Gremcorps characters.

[9:7] Gremcorps items and currency may, however, be exchanged for artwork/commissions of non-Gremcorps characters (though not for customs/adopts).

[9:8] Gremcorps items refers to any of the following: on-site items, trinkets, mounts, companions, tickets, tokens, currencies.


10. Being Blacklisted/Banned

[10:1] Users who participate in scamming, rule-breaking behavior, or other abuse of Gremcorps services may see strikes issued to their accounts and/or certain privileges relating to those services revoked. In certain cases repeat behavior or severe offenses may see a user’s account banned/blacklisted.

[10:2] Being "blacklisted" or "banned" will revoke certain privileges from the offending user relating to sales, Gremcorps/Palleth events, and related species. 

Not all possible punishments will be given in each case. All bans are handled on a case-by-case basis and the action taken will directly relate to the ban reason. 

If another user is violating any terms, please contact us through reports

[10:3]  Designs will NOT be revoked in the case of a ban if that design has been fully paid for and/or is rightfully owned by the user via trade/gift/voucher/etc. A design can only be revoked if it was not paid for, such as in the event of a chargeback or lack of upholding a trade.

[10:4] Depending on the severity of the offense, users may be given warnings based on a 3 strike system. However this system can be bypassed to temporary or full bans if the offense is significantly impacting.

[10:5] Users who have received 3 strikes in total are subject to an official ban from the Gremcorps website/Discord and blacklisted from any future adopts/events/services the group may offer. Not all rule-breaking behavior is considered equal, and some punishments may award more or less strikes depending on the severity of the infraction.

[10:6]  A user who is blacklisted/banned from Gremcorps will be unable to join the dA Gremcorps group, Discord, and ARPG site and may not utilize any of the services these features offer.
  → these services include but are not limited to:

- Posting within any of the aforementioned locations. (Including art and advertisement posts.)
- Participating in any quests/prompts/events hosted by the Gremcorps group, including free rewards and raffles.
- Being barred from acquiring any new Grems via official sale/trade/resale/gift etc.
- Blacklisted/Banned users will be removed from the group Discord, and their ARPG site accounts will be banned and locked.




An AU (Alternate Universe) Grem is a fictional, unofficial state in which your Grem may be depicted in non-canon scenarios and forms (such as living on Earth, being a dog or human etc, having a story that doesn’t fit into canon). 

If you want to draw your Grem as an animal from Earth, a mythological creature, a human, or your own original species, you are welcome to! But please be aware that if you create an AU version of your Grem that shares its colors/markings/overall design, you CANNOT keep that AU version if you choose to trade/gift/transfer ownership of your Grem. AU versions of Grems are considered personal extensions of that Grem, and will be nullified upon the Grem’s transfer to a new owner.

[11:1] AU versions of Grems are restricted to non-closed-species only. You MAY NOT have AU versions of your Grem as other closed species.

[11:1] Unless otherwise specified, AU forms of Grems CANNOT be used in prompts, events, or any other group related submissions. Grems also may not be depicted as another subtype, hybrid, or other Palleth species besides the one that is currently listed on their masterlist entry. 

  • Grems may still be drawn this way within your own personal art and non-official submissions, this is specifically for submissions to any of the group-related activities.

[11:2] All AU versions of a Grem are forfeited and nullified upon ownership transfer of that Grem.

[11:3] Please note that these rules are meant to apply specifically to AUs that involve depictions of your Grem’s physical/visual design as a non-Grem. We don’t police AU versions of Grems in literature or other non-visual mediums. Our only goal is to prevent Grem designs from being duplicated, split up, and traded to different people. 

[11:4]  AU versions of your Grem are permitted to explore different settings and scenarios with their characters, this includes exploration that does not coincide with what’s considered canon within Palleth and Grem lore. 

If you wish for your Grem’s design to be used on a different closed species, you will need to request that the Grem be voided first. [See 8.Voiding Grems for more information.]