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Design Tweaks

You can change the following at any time without a redesign. You are still allowed to update the masterlist image if you'd like through requesting a design update though!

  • hair
  • build
  • personality
  • scars


When changing a design, you have the choice to change either traits or the markings, you cannot do both at the same time. You can only redesign a grem once every 30 days. You can redesign yourself, have a friend redesign for free, or commission someone to redesign that is an approved redesigner.

Colour/Marking Redesign

You must stay within the colour spectrum's warm and cool sections (some grems are hard to pinpoint so it is circumstantial). We must be able to clearly see the inspiration from the original design if you plan to change colours individually or add new colors, such as adding a color that wasn't on the grem before. Changing both colours and markings need to resemble the original in some way, whether it be marking placement, colour use, etc.

Hue Slider Redesign

You also have the choice of hue sliding, you use the hue slider to slide to a clolour combo you like. (HUE SLIDER ONLY, no values or shades are changed in this process). Doing a hue slide takes up an entire redesign so you cannot change markings at all in this process.

Trait Redesign

You can change the traits within the level of rarity (public traits, mutation traits, etc). If a grem has outdated traits, these traits must be fixed when updated, you cannot keep flawed or outdated traits.


If a grem was made before January 2016 and has not been redesigned, it may be overhauled. This essentially treats it like an MYO slot.

Masterlist Update

Here's how you use your MYO slot!

  1. Draw a masterlist image following the Grem Guide, Blood Rules, and Eye Guide.
    Images must be fullbody, and include a headshot which shows the recessive blood with visible mouth/teeth, inner ears, and eyes. If you have trouble drawing your grem, there are templates open to the public or you can commission an official designer!

  2. Request a Design Update.
    Go to the design's masterlist entry. On the left, there is a "Update Design" option under Settings. Create a Design Update request and it will create a draft, where you must fill out the information required. Be sure to SAVE every tab (unsaved tabs have red X's) and hit submit on the Status tab!

    Be sure to appropriately fill out any traits. Also include a summary of all changes on the comments tab. If you are using any items such as a mutation ticket, it must also be included in add-ons.

  3. An admin will accept if approved, or cancel if denied.
    They will leave a comment on why it was rejected and what needs fixing.

Once the entry is approved, they'll get their own masterlist entry and number!