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🌸SPRING Event 🌸



Click Here To go to the Spring 2024 Event Page

For this event, you will be collecting Petals in order to buy exclusive seasonal traits crafted by Eden and her godly grace! Foraging and Event Prompts will be available for you to complete in order to gain as much Petals as possible! For all information on our event, please click the link/Image above!

🌻REMINDER: Be sure to pick up the free theme applicators in Eden's Shop!



"Splice Grem2" free Raffle 🌱

We have a Splice grem2 raffle being hosted for the duration of this event!
You can read about the raffle information on our Spring Event Page linked above.

Please enjoy this Spring seasonal event!!

🎊(2024) January FFA Raffle (CLOSED)

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Hello all!

We'd wanted to set up a little raffle for the holiday/winter season, and decided to take on a few guest artists back in December to create some new grems for free raffle this month.

A big thank you to our guest artists who have done an amazing job with these grems, and now they are ready to be let out into the world!
You can take a peek at their wonderful designs below.


These grems are being raffled for free and anyone is eligible to enter. If you'd like to enter for one of the grems shown above you can check out the [raffles linked here.]
Every user has the ability to enter for all grems above atleast once.

Good luck everyone! Hope you had a Happy Holidays and that the new year treats you well! ♥️

Raffle End Date: Thursday January 18th! 11PM EST

A very big thank you to our artists Trash-sidhe, Immonia, and Seffiron for their marvelous art work and efforts. As well as another big thank you Backwardssnappy for the base and Acember for helping me set up our raffles. 💕 


📮 ❄ Update Announcement: 12-19-23

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Update Announcement


Hello everyone! Coming in with a list of small updates. ❄


Free Raffles
◻We will be hosting a few small raffles for this season, Shinamire was also kind in offering their pet tokens to the community if users were interested in entering for a Gib Grub pet. This creature was entirely made by them, so please give them some love for their creation!

Available Raffles:

❄Gib Grub Raffle:

❄5 Snowgrem MYO Raffle:

We would also like to put out a small free raffle of 3 pre-mades for January, we will be looking for a couple of guest artists who would like to contribute designs to those raffles.
If an artist is interested in participating in creating a grem raffle to raffle off for free, then please enter yourself in the link below:
❄ Guest Artist Application:

Mod Application Update
These are still pending on our end. We're trying to get some last minute prepping done along with a few other things taken care of and ready for new mods, once those are done, the next step will be to set up the applications. We'll put out an update with the apps once its finally time.

Invite Reminder
Sending invites to gain access to the Discord will now only be handled through claims & contacting Mrgremble. If you lack a grem account, then you can DM Mrgremble via DA/TH/Twitter/ or DM on Discord.

Their other handles can be found here:

Reminder Posts
this is a reminder that we have created a poll to gather data from the community, please give us your input to our poll below!
Please keep in mind that this is only information we intend to gather, there is no promise that we will be coming to a final decision just on this information alone due to complexity.
Age Range Poll -

Sales Poll
A sale poll will be hosted soon at the end of December! However I'd like to see what users are interested in, so a poll was set up to see if there was any interest in anything specific. Feel free to give your input in the link below!

Sale Poll Link:


Snappy's Corner 🎃

Not an update but curiosity! ❄
Den has been concocting Gremcorps website themes once again (as what was offered during Halloween that we collaborated on) and was curious if anyone would like to participate in creating an art banner? The banner space of what she's working on is currently empty, vacant, and would look super lovely with one of your art pieces if it fits dimensions and theme. 

All that would be required is the following:
◻Required Dimensions: 1276 x 200 pixels [width x height]



◻Required Theme: Grems in Winter (Day or night; festive is accepted)
◻Your respected consent to display it on the Gremcorps site
◻Watermark credit in the bottom corner

Rules & Instructions:
◻ Art is in a day or night setting (indoors and outdoors is fine)
◻Collabs are accepted
◻ Artwork made in the past or present if it fits within the dimensions

Reward: Grem2 MYO slot + 1 Mutation Ticket

Submission form:
We of course don't want to pressure anyone to give their artwork, but instead are curious if anyone would like to help out and like to display within the new seasonal theme. Thanks! 💙

📮 Update Announcement: 11-23-23

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Update Announcement


A reminder that our Halloween event is slowly coming to a close! What will you be seeing from here on after the deadline comes up?

◻ All prompt and raffle entries will be closed on November 30th 11:59 EDT, at this point we will be working through all entries that have not been evaluated, this will be given a grace period of 2 to 3 days (or more depending on the entry).

◻ Frisk's Halloween shop & Completion Reward claims will stay open until December 8th 11PM EDT, be sure to buy what you can before the end of the deadline.

◻ Raffles will be rolled once the event has closed and we have gone through all of the submissions, we will announce all of the winners in another update.
🔸 For our FTO raffle, entrants will be rolled, but we will be checking to see if that user has owned a grem, if that's the case then we will reroll until an FTO entrant is rightfully chosen.

Redesign Guide Update

◻ Our Grem Redesign Guide has been updated to better reflect our rules and requirements pertaining to design updates.
◻ We have also officially provided users the ability to change both value and colour in a full colour change redesign, please read our guide for more information.
Guide Link:

Mod Application Update

◻ We are heavily considering reopening Moderation Applicatiosn, however there is no ETA for when applications will be open, this will give myself and my team to make adjustments to our rules and regulations. More about mod application will come at a later time.

What's next?

Currently the holidays are taking up a significant amount of time and energy for the team (work and family is priority!), we will be taking a small break and go back to working on background tasks to rest and recover!

I (Mrgremble) will also be taking it easy to recuperate and hole away for a bit, at this moment I have nothing planned besides working on world building and mod application set up. I will have things to show over time but for now rest is sorely needed!

What I can say is that new seasonal traits are in the works (no ETA release available), they are in hard WIP concept phase, but there is full intention to have seasonal traits for every season. My main hurdle is trying to find a happy medium for events on both sides to avoid burn out and fatigue, this means gaining new staff (which I will focus on over the month) and streamlining the event process for the long term, we will have to see!

Incase this question comes up, we currently have no intention in putting out a winter event, though there maybe a free raffle for the Christmas season.


 ‼️ ◻ We will be hosting a poll to gather data from the community, please give us your input to our poll below!
🔺◻ Please keep in mind that this is only information we intend to gather, there is no promise that we will be coming to a final decision just on this information alone due to complexity.

Age Range Poll -

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us! 🌠

Event Completion Reward Claims are now Open!

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Small update for the 2023 Halloween event:

Claims for the event completion reward are now open! Please be sure to read and follow the directions given on the event page under the "Prompts" section. Claims that do not follow the form/instructions will be returned so that they can be corrected. 


If you have not yet completed all the requirements to claim your event completion reward, do not worry, you will have until the event prompts end to do so! This post is just to mark the opening of the claims for receiving the reward. 

Announcement: Creature Creation Contest Winners + October Event + Draw-A-Palooza!

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Hello everyone! Coming with a big update announcement!


Companion Contest 🐕🐈

First and foremost, the team has finally made the final choices for our companion contest which was hosted in September! It was an extremely tough choice, and we went back and forth a lot as many of them endeared us so much that it was truly a struggle!

We want to thank all of the users who have joined for this, it was extremely fun to go through the creative minds of our entrants! 

Without any further adieu, the final place winners are as follows: 


🏅 First Place: Gibgrubs by Shinamire 

🏅 Second Place: Blotlingsby Bowie


🏅 Third Place: Quinolleep by PeculiarPerrenial

a MASSIVE congratulations to the chosen winners! Your prizes should all be distributed to you soon!
Our first place winner will be contacted by an admin or Mrgremble for further instructions! 

And another Huge thank you to everyone who entered! You all really gave us a challenge and it was fun seeing what everyone came up with! 


🎃 October Event 🎃



Click Here To go to the October 2023 Event Page

For this event, you will be collecting Candy in order to buy masks from a certain new face that's come into town! Foraging and Event Prompts will be available for you to complete in order to gain as much candy as possible! For all information on our event, please click the link above!

👻 Reminder: Be sure to pick up the free theme applicator in Frisk's Shop!


Draw-A-Palooza & Other Free to Enter Raffles 🎨

2 free to enter raffles are being hosted as well for the duration of this event! AND our Draw-A-Palooza Raffle is also available to enter and has some gorgeous grems available as raffle prizes!
 You can read all of the raffle and draw-a-palooza information on our october event page linked above.

Thank you all! Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Trades/Transfers Reminder

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Hello everyone!

  We have been having a large influx of trades and transfers as of late that are coming in without providing the required information to be accepted and many are being denied due to this.
  We'd like to remind our users that when inputting your trade/transfer, the comment section is required to have a clear and concise reason for the exchange stated in the comments (trade, gift, voucher, resale, etc). This aids us in our recording efforts and also aids you in having your trade/transfer passed through in time, so please be sure to do this when sending them through!

   Another thing that might be helpful to those of you participating in trades/transfers: When exchanging multiple or a combination of items, grems, and/or currency of differing types to each other, rather than sending each as multiple individual transfers, you can use the Trade feature to group items, grems, currency, etc. together into one single trade bundle. If you are just sending one type of item, currency, or a single grem one way, then the transfer feature is the way to go.

1.) I am trading multiple different items, and a grem, in exchange for 2 other grems. I should set up a Trade.

2.) I am gifting 1 grem to my friend. I should set up a transfer.

Update 9/16/23 Fauna, WIPS, and Raffles!

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Hello all! Here with a quick progress update for you!

Current Updates

- Fauna information is close to completion! (You may have noticed that the Patago, Ghoast and a few other companions/mounts have received updates to either their art, information, or both.) In total there are about 8-10 animals left that will need to have their art/info redone or bases added.
- New potions have been added into Evie's Shop! The "Cherub Wing Potion" & "Wing Growth Potion" which are both new items. Please feel free to read the info for them [here.]
- The foraging wait timer has been reduced from 1 minute now to just 3 seconds between uses! We wanted to make this change to significantly shorten the wait time for users. (If you notice any bugs with the foraging uses/timer following this update then please let us know! )

What is in the works
  New foraging areas, a secondary currency, item exchanges, and crafting have been our primary goal and still continue to be. A lot of good progress is being made on those fronts with much of it to come in the near future! For our patrons on Patreon, art concepts for new foraging areas, a crafting recipe card showcase, as well as a few foraging items will be displayed there soon. Feel free to check them out if you are interested in keeping tabs with our visual progress.
  The addition of a secondary currency is another of our main priorities that we wish to implement that will fit into certain item exchanges and special shops, but some additional coding will need to be done first in order for it to be possible. Once our coder is able to implement this for us then we can begin moving forward more on that front.

What will be done next
It's been brought to my attention that there is a lack of information on our Grem2 guide, this will be what I intend to push next. We also are wanting to bring back main prompts soon, and hopefully with these coming updates we will have a larger variety of items to be used alongside currencies as earnable prizes and prompt rewards. There is still a lot to be done, but myself and the team have been continuously chipping away, and we intend to keep delivering these updates as we make steady progress.~

  As a thank you for the community's patience and positivity, I've set up a few Free Raffles for users to join in on, please enjoy! Available raffles/prizes are as follows:

1.) 5 Mantagrem MYO slots (FFA Allowed)
2.) 5 Standard Grem2 MYO slots(FFA)
3.) 5 Standard Grem2 MYO slots (FTO Only)
4.) 2 Cherub Wings Potions (FFA, 1 item per person, 2 winners total.)
5.) 2 Wing Growth Potions (FFA, 1 item per person, 2 winners total.)

you can enter for each of the raffles individually [here.]
Raffles will close on the 18th of September at 11pm EST

After closing, all raffles will be rolled in the listed order. If you win a prize in one of the previous raffles you will be ineligible to win a prize in any of the the subsequent raffles. (One prize per person overall.)

  A small reminder that there is currently an ongoing creature creation contest that will close at the end of this month! If you are interested in entering, then the details for the contest can be found here.

Scotty's Pet Shop and Creature Design Contest!

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Hello everyone!
Coming to you again with another progress update and contest news!

  • Scotty's Pet Shop has been added to the site and is now officially open! We intend to add more items and features into it over time, but for now we will give you the essentials as we make more progress. Clicking on the items in the shop will give you all of their information, so take the time to become familiar with how each of them work!
  • A good amount of the fauna in our encyclopedia have been given updates to their information, feel free to check it out if you were curious! Not all are finished just yet, but more are being tackled as we have the time to do so.
  • We made an update to a few of the older trinkets and have added minor gib bonuses for the following ones when used in your prompt entries: the warmth, water, and crystal trinket. (For more information on how trinkets work, please read here.)
  • Another mini prompt will soon be added for the upcoming month of September. The theme of which will be centered around spending time with your companions!


Creature Contest

:6dog: :6dog: :6dog: 
With the new pet shop being added, we would like to host a contest to include another creature into the Game's roster, If you are interested in joining this contest, then please read the information below for how to submit your entry! 

Creature Creation Contest!

Public Art Assistance: Sign Up's

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Hello all!
A very quick update for any of you who might be interested in temporarily helping out with a few tasks at any point in the future. We've gone ahead and set up a sign up form [here.] 

We'll be using this list as a "roster" of sorts to help us more easily find and choose people whenever we need a bit of an extra hand with minor tasks. These tasks could possibly range anywhere from art help, to writing, to simply formatting a bunch of pre-written text into templates. If this is something that would be of interest to you, we encourage you to check out the form and submit a response!
Thank you.