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Foraging color message feedback poll + Small clam update

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Lil update! We're putting out a little poll to get feedback on the Foraging 'nothing found' message, and would love if anyone could give their vote from some suggestion colors we've received!
The poll is here! (The 'nothing found' text examples show a message that's just been updated, feel free to ignore that bit hghd)

Also letting everyone know that the first batch of the Color Changing Fur foraging items have been rolled out completely! The related items have been taken out of foraging for now, while we see how this trait is used/tested by those who collected them. Please bear in mind that the limitations, rules, and exact definition of this trait are likely to change before finalization, and possibly  before the next batch.

How long it might take until a next batch goes out is hard to say at this point, but when that next phase begins, there will be another announcement to let everyone know! 🙏

BIG OL' UPDATE (Trello + Shops + Repeatable Prompts)

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Hey, dropping a small handful of things at once this time around! We apologize for the relative silence in anticipation of some of these, but hopefully for the future, this first bit will help keep everyone in the loop as far as progress towards updates ;v;

A public Trello:

This should give a rough breakdown of some major projects and tasks which are being prioritized, and while it isn't comprehensive (there's always stuff being juggled around), hopefully this can be a useful step in knowing what to expect!
View the Trello here!

A couple of repeatable Prompts are now up!

This means certain prompts that can be resubmitted every month! For the sake of balancing, we will be working on bringing the number of repeatable prompts available each month up to 3, and we'll _also_ be working on finalizing a greater variety, so that the prompts available to complete each month aren't static for an extended amount of time.
These first prompts can be viewed here!

New Gibs Payout guide for prompts:

The payout system for prompts has been updated with these new repeatable prompts! To take a peek at this updated version, please look here!
View the payout guide here!


The first shops are up!

With repeatable prompts now up, and a steadier means to earn gibs, a small selection of buyable items are now available!
Evie's Potion Shop
GremCorps' Purchasing Center

Please note that the exact items which are available through shops may be subject to change as we add new items (some seasonal!)

Also, as with anything new on site, the item pricing is still subject to change! We are still actively balancing and figuring out what makes sense, and will be seeking to balance things as comfortably and fairly as possible as we move forward. We appreciate your guys' patience as we get used to doing this whole ARPG thing!

Tradeable MYO Items:

We are finally implementing a version of MYO slots that can be freely traded for grems, gibs, and other tradeable GremCorps items!

HOWEVER, they will not be called MYO Slots! To avoid confusion between tradeable and non-tradeable variants, we will be using a separate item called Pods (Pod reservations) to help people easily distinguish between the two.

MYO Slots = non-tradeable 🚫
Pods (Pod Reservations) = tradeable ✅

Please be certain that you wish to use your Pod before opening it, as doing so will automatically apply the MYO slot to your account, rendering it un-tradeable. (tldr: while still in ITEM FORM, the pod itself is tradeable, but once it has been OPENED and turned into a slot then it will no longer be tradable.)

There may be a few lingering exceptions to this from past event items still floating around (mostly tickets from past events/raffles), but until we can address those, please just always double check the tradability on an item before negotiating an exchange!

We have also stocked the 'GremCorps' Purchasing Center' shop with a half price Pod that everyone on-site will be able to purchase ONCE per person. The item obtained from this purchase will be account-bound and non-tradable (Though the grem acquired through it WILL be tradable!).

We wanted to provide this as an opportunity for everyone to be able to get a hold of a relatively more accessible grem of their own. Thank you guys so much for sticking through with the team thus far 💙

Locking system!

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Hello hello~!!
Just an announcement that the locking system is now live on the site!
To lock a grem, MYO slot or other character:
> - Go to the characters page
> - Find the "Profile" link on the left under "Character" and click it
> - Once on that page scroll down and you'll find the "Edit Profile" button on the right, click it
> - On this page, flip the switch to "on" and then give yourself the reason for the lock~

The locking reason can only be seen by your own self! This is to make sure you have a reason for your own self that you can see when you go to unlock it. Its there to help people from impulsive trading/selling! Some have also used this locking system to signify to others that the character is permanently homed and that's also ok~
Also please don't worry about redesigning, you are always free to redesign while the character is locked!

Here is an example of what the character will look visually when locked!
Basically, publicly, it will show a lock emoji beside the character's number and name, it will also show up over the gifting/trading/sale area. This system will visually show the character as locked when browsing the masterlist as well~
Personally, you will also have the reason for locking on the top of the character's page

Now this is still very much a new system! If you have any issues or bugs, please report it either to me through DMs of through the bug report on the site and we will take a look/give it to our coder!

Please allow me to go over the locked grems so i can unlock them and send you the grems with the reason for locking over today!


As a side note, sorry for the very long wait for **redesigns**, iv been quite busy for the last week but ill get back to it soon!

Spurs + Foraging update

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Hey group!

We've got a lil trait update for everyone! Starting now, the Spurs trait is being moved from Early Access to a Free Mutation! This means that all Grems will now have access to use this, should anyone so choose! (All Grems which previously had this trait are receiving compensation 🙏)

Spurs have an updated description and will have a limit of one per foot, so please look here if you're interested in using it!
This visual should also show where the spur can attach.


We're also dipping our toes into implementing a more user-involved method of testing out certain early access traits, which we hope should be both exciting for users, and helpful for the team. While they'll only be rolled out in very limited quantities at a time, please keep your eyes peeled for a new item being dropped into the foraging pool starting at site rollover! 💙🦪🥡

Trello notice + Seeking Feedback!

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Hey all! This is an update to let it be known that we are working on getting an official trello ready to present! This will not be a comprehensive list of every single thing being done or worked on, as there are several groups working on things among themselves at any time, and smaller quality of life issues being tackled impromptu, but it can be seen as a general projects board which will be updated with progress as things go! We're hoping that this can help with some communication hurdles, and letting people know what things to expect, as well as showing that work is actively happening behind the scenes.

On that note, we wanted to poll this out to you guys! The basis is:
How much do you value full transparency in updates VS the opportunity to receive surprises?
Poll Here!

And while we're picking your guys' brains on that, there's another thing we'd also really love your feedback on!
We had previously been planning to wait to start hosting sales onsite until after current cyphers were dropped, for worry that people might feel forced to move onsite who didn't want to do so, or weren't ready to do so yet.
After conversation with some community members, we decided that we'd like to ask you guys about your preference! Because boy, I think we're just about all sick and tired of using DA 💦

 Would you like to see sales moved onsite immediately? (That is, Starting Right Now) 
This Poll Is Also Here!


New Cooldown System + Snowgrem MYO Slot Raffle

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In order to foster a feeling of fairness and to spread chances more evenly among members, we will now be using a cooldown system for raffle sales.

Cooldowns will be specific to three different raffle sale types:
-Normal and Mutation MYO slots
-Hybrid and Afflicted MYO slots
-Premade Grems

For example, winners of a Snow Grem MYO raffle will be on cooldown and unable to enter for the next 2 Hybrid/Afflicted Grem MYO raffle sales (but will still be able to enter for Normal/Mut MYO, or premade Grem raffle sales)

Cypherus grems will be separate from this, and using their own cooldown systems.

Please keep this in mind when entering! You can keep track of previous raffle sales and their winners here:

These separate cooldown categories and the length of the cooldown were decided based on the feedback we received in the recent poll (thank you!). Once we've had some time to test out this system and the community has had a chance to get a feel for it, we'll check in with another feedback poll and make any adjustments that users feel are needed.

We're testing this new Cooldown system for the first time on a Snowgrem MYO Slot Raffle, to celebrate our recent Snowgrem Update! 

UPDATE: Winners for the Snowgrem MYO Slot Raffle have been rolled, you can see the results here.
For those that were drawn, please contact MrGremble via note or discord dm with your paypal information, and general location (US, CAD, etc.) along with your onsite username.

= Rules =

- Only one slot per person, you CANNOT claim a slot for yourself and another person.

- By attaining this slot, you are agreeing to our Grem Rules.

- Once rolled, your slot will be manually added to the masterlist!

- If you would like any how-to guides then feel free to peruse currently available ones here!

- These slots cannot be traded, they can be gifted however.

- Once created and added to the Masterlist, a MYO Grem is subject to a 30 day trade cooldown, meaning they cannot be traded until 30 days have passed.

The price of these slots will be $150, and the raffle will be open for 24 hours from this posting!
If you enter accidentally, please contact a mod about it to have yourself removed from the drawing pool 💙

Here is the link to the Snowgrem MYO Slot Raffle! Best of luck to anyone entering!! ❄️

Snowgrem Updates!

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Hey all! We've got some much-needed updates coming into effect for Snows! 🙌
These will include new abilities and mutations they can use, as well as some new flexibility and leniency regarding previous limitations! Please read through this document for details! 💙❄️

The Snowgrem how-to guide document has also been updated with these changes, and links to the old one will be replaced shortly! You can see the new version here!

Note that with this update, eye color changes and palm pad updates will be considered cosmetic design updates for Snows! If you'd like to make these changes, Please DM MamaMii!

Discord Invites

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Hello hello~!
Just a very short but important post for people who no longer have/do not have a DA account and could not really contact us for the discord through notes; please feel free to Email us instead and we will give you a temporary invite that you should use within the 7 days before it expires~!

Guest Artist Hosting Update!

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Hey all, we hope that times have been treating everyone well!
This is a small notice to let everyone know that going forward, guest artists, when hosted on DA, will no longer be hosted by the mrgremble account, but by gremcorporation, the previous account hosting the masterlist! This is mainly for the sake of letting multiple members of the team work together to help coordinate guest artist's sales when needed. In future, mixed-artist batches or other specialty sale types such as gachas may potentially be hosted here for similar reasons.

This shouldn't change too much, as sale posts will still be put into the Gremcorps DA group, announced within the discord, and previewed on the patreon, but as it's a general change in location for grems that guests worked hard on, we wanted to ensure that everyone had a chance to be updated on this change!
Thank you guys for your time, and we hope you enjoy seeing the designs created by guests from the community! - 🦷

December 6 Announcement

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Cypherus Cap

In response to the community's feedback, we have decided to implement a Cypherus Grem Cap of 3 going forward. This means that users may not own more than 3 Cypherus Grems at a time.

This number was based on a community vote, and may change as accessibility to Cyphers shifts over time, but that will likely be a decision that we once again leave up to the community when that time comes.

For users who already have over 3 Cyphers, this cap will mean that you may not acquire additional Cyphers until you have dropped below the cap. You may still keep the Cyphers you have and swap them for other Cyphers, but if you trade one away, you may not acquire another until you own fewer than 3.

We will still be making the majority of sales and giveaways NCO (non-cypherus-owner) in order to foster accessibility for those who do not yet own any Cyphers at all, but we're hoping this makes things feel a bit more fair within the community while we work toward the goal of making them more available.

We will also be discussing some of the community's suggestions concerning Cypher accessibility, though we ask for patience on this topic, as we are still prioritizing ARPG elements and a couple other planned things that affect everyone before addressing Cypherus grems that (at least for the time being) only affect a few.

Evie's Specialty Shop Extension

We will be extending the availability of EVIE'S SPECIALTY SHOP to December 15th, 11PM EST in order to give folks a bit more time to make their purchases, and to finalize some pricing decisions for the permanent shops that will open once the specialty shop closes.

Deviantart Masterlist Storage Deadline

Due to the outdated nature of the Deviantart masterlist, we are soon going to be storing it. This is an official heads up that if you have grems bookmarked or saved there for personal reasons, you may want to instead bookmark the current versions listed on the ARPG website.

If you have an account, there IS an onsite functionality for favoriting/bookmarking! Bookmarking is done from each grem's individual page, and to manage your personal bookmarks, this is the link (found in the dropdown under your username at the top right of the page)

To view bookmarks in gallery view or link them to another person, go to your userpage, and on the left side panel under 'Gallery', there should be a link there for that.

January 15 is when we are hoping to archive the outdated list, so please make sure to get anything in order by then!!

Mutation Update: Fleck

- Glinting Fleck will now simply be referred to as Fleck

- Fleck will no longer be limited to the neck! Flecked grems may now be glitter-bombs in any furred area of the body!

See the Fleck guide for full info on the update:

If you wish to update a grem that has Fleck to alter the location of the Fleck in order to take advantage of this update, it will be considered cosmetic (similar to changing an antler shaped Horned mutation to bull horns) so you will not need to go through a redesign to do so.

That said, please DM Mama#3953 on discord if you wish to update your grem's Masterlist entry for this purpose, as submitting cosmetic updates currently triggers a redesign cooldown when done on-site.

"Community Grems"

The terminology 'NPC' for the non-owned, usable prompt grems has been changed to 'Community Grem' for the sake of avoiding confusion about usable/unusable 'npc's! From here on these (Gravel, Gamma, Bernand and Scotty) will be referred to as Community Grems!

Also! Friendly little reminder that the deadline for applying to create a guest-artist Cypherus grem is tonight at 11:59pm EST! So be sure to fill out a form before then if you're interested!