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Trades/Transfers Reminder

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Hello everyone!

  We have been having a large influx of trades and transfers as of late that are coming in without providing the required information to be accepted and many are being denied due to this.
  We'd like to remind our users that when inputting your trade/transfer, the comment section is required to have a clear and concise reason for the exchange stated in the comments (trade, gift, voucher, resale, etc). This aids us in our recording efforts and also aids you in having your trade/transfer passed through in time, so please be sure to do this when sending them through!

   Another thing that might be helpful to those of you participating in trades/transfers: When exchanging multiple or a combination of items, grems, and/or currency of differing types to each other, rather than sending each as multiple individual transfers, you can use the Trade feature to group items, grems, currency, etc. together into one single trade bundle. If you are just sending one type of item, currency, or a single grem one way, then the transfer feature is the way to go.

1.) I am trading multiple different items, and a grem, in exchange for 2 other grems. I should set up a Trade.

2.) I am gifting 1 grem to my friend. I should set up a transfer.

Update 9/16/23 Fauna, WIPS, and Raffles!

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Hello all! Here with a quick progress update for you!

Current Updates

- Fauna information is close to completion! (You may have noticed that the Patago, Ghoast and a few other companions/mounts have received updates to either their art, information, or both.) In total there are about 8-10 animals left that will need to have their art/info redone or bases added.
- New potions have been added into Evie's Shop! The "Cherub Wing Potion" & "Wing Growth Potion" which are both new items. Please feel free to read the info for them [here.]
- The foraging wait timer has been reduced from 1 minute now to just 3 seconds between uses! We wanted to make this change to significantly shorten the wait time for users. (If you notice any bugs with the foraging uses/timer following this update then please let us know! )

What is in the works
  New foraging areas, a secondary currency, item exchanges, and crafting have been our primary goal and still continue to be. A lot of good progress is being made on those fronts with much of it to come in the near future! For our patrons on Patreon, art concepts for new foraging areas, a crafting recipe card showcase, as well as a few foraging items will be displayed there soon. Feel free to check them out if you are interested in keeping tabs with our visual progress.
  The addition of a secondary currency is another of our main priorities that we wish to implement that will fit into certain item exchanges and special shops, but some additional coding will need to be done first in order for it to be possible. Once our coder is able to implement this for us then we can begin moving forward more on that front.

What will be done next
It's been brought to my attention that there is a lack of information on our Grem2 guide, this will be what I intend to push next. We also are wanting to bring back main prompts soon, and hopefully with these coming updates we will have a larger variety of items to be used alongside currencies as earnable prizes and prompt rewards. There is still a lot to be done, but myself and the team have been continuously chipping away, and we intend to keep delivering these updates as we make steady progress.~

  As a thank you for the community's patience and positivity, I've set up a few Free Raffles for users to join in on, please enjoy! Available raffles/prizes are as follows:

1.) 5 Mantagrem MYO slots (FFA Allowed)
2.) 5 Standard Grem2 MYO slots(FFA)
3.) 5 Standard Grem2 MYO slots (FTO Only)
4.) 2 Cherub Wings Potions (FFA, 1 item per person, 2 winners total.)
5.) 2 Wing Growth Potions (FFA, 1 item per person, 2 winners total.)

you can enter for each of the raffles individually [here.]
Raffles will close on the 18th of September at 11pm EST

After closing, all raffles will be rolled in the listed order. If you win a prize in one of the previous raffles you will be ineligible to win a prize in any of the the subsequent raffles. (One prize per person overall.)

  A small reminder that there is currently an ongoing creature creation contest that will close at the end of this month! If you are interested in entering, then the details for the contest can be found here.

Scotty's Pet Shop and Creature Design Contest!

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Hello everyone!
Coming to you again with another progress update and contest news!

  • Scotty's Pet Shop has been added to the site and is now officially open! We intend to add more items and features into it over time, but for now we will give you the essentials as we make more progress. Clicking on the items in the shop will give you all of their information, so take the time to become familiar with how each of them work!
  • A good amount of the fauna in our encyclopedia have been given updates to their information, feel free to check it out if you were curious! Not all are finished just yet, but more are being tackled as we have the time to do so.
  • We made an update to a few of the older trinkets and have added minor gib bonuses for the following ones when used in your prompt entries: the warmth, water, and crystal trinket. (For more information on how trinkets work, please read here.)
  • Another mini prompt will soon be added for the upcoming month of September. The theme of which will be centered around spending time with your companions!


Creature Contest

:6dog: :6dog: :6dog: 
With the new pet shop being added, we would like to host a contest to include another creature into the Game's roster, If you are interested in joining this contest, then please read the information below for how to submit your entry! 

Creature Creation Contest!

Public Art Assistance: Sign Up's

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Hello all!
A very quick update for any of you who might be interested in temporarily helping out with a few tasks at any point in the future. We've gone ahead and set up a sign up form [here.] 

We'll be using this list as a "roster" of sorts to help us more easily find and choose people whenever we need a bit of an extra hand with minor tasks. These tasks could possibly range anywhere from art help, to writing, to simply formatting a bunch of pre-written text into templates. If this is something that would be of interest to you, we encourage you to check out the form and submit a response!
Thank you.


Mantagrem and Snowgrem guides onsite

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Hey all, just a little notice that the updated Snowgrem design guide is now being hosted onsite, alongside a cleaned up and clearer version of the Mantagrem guide!! They have been added to the guides section on the site!

You can see the Snowgrem page here  , and the Mantagrem page here!


We're also working on a similar redesign guide for Growls, to help anyone with them feel more confident in redesigning!

Prompt Additions & Changes / Payout Guide Rehaul

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Hello everyone! Coming to you with a brand new update. This one's related to a few changes concerning the payout guide and a couple finalized prompts.

✪ Prompt Additions

We’ve finally put together the last few main prompts and have put them onto the site. You can check them all out HERE. 

These two new prompts are as follows:
Recessive Rush Prompt - a prompt concerning Grems and the "Recessive Rush" state.
Free For All Prompt - A free theme prompt with lower requirements that is able to be completed once every two weeks!

This will complete our roster of repeatable prompts (for now anyway) and these will now be open permanently to complete alongside the first two adventure and hobby prompts.


Prompt Updates & Changes 

Aside from that we’ve been mulling over the payout set up for a while now, and with the completion of our last batch of monthly prompts out of the way we've managed to squeeze enough time in to make some much needed adjustments to our payout system.

These adjustments include:

⋆ Lowering the minimum requirements for entries in order to qualify for base payouts.

⋆ The tweaking of some existing bonus and base amounts.

⋆ The addition of a few new bonuses that we'd been wanting to include! + A slight modification to a previous bonus... The Story NPC bonus has been removed from the payout guide (instead it will occasionally appear on select prompts/events where it is applicable.) and has been replaced with the new Community Grem bonus.

⋆ Please keep in mind that the payout guide is still susceptible to change and further updates as we gather data and work to make it more malleable for our users.

These new changes have been updated on the site, and will go into effect immediately as of this post. All current prompts should be updated to reflect this new information as well!

For more details, please be sure to read the new payout guide more thoroughly here: Payout Guide


Up next on our roster will be the updates to snowgrem animal forms, so stay tuned for that coming up!

Foraging color message feedback poll + Small clam update

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Lil update! We're putting out a little poll to get feedback on the Foraging 'nothing found' message, and would love if anyone could give their vote from some suggestion colors we've received!
The poll is here! (The 'nothing found' text examples show a message that's just been updated, feel free to ignore that bit hghd)

Also letting everyone know that the first batch of the Color Changing Fur foraging items have been rolled out completely! The related items have been taken out of foraging for now, while we see how this trait is used/tested by those who collected them. Please bear in mind that the limitations, rules, and exact definition of this trait are likely to change before finalization, and possibly  before the next batch.

How long it might take until a next batch goes out is hard to say at this point, but when that next phase begins, there will be another announcement to let everyone know! 🙏

BIG OL' UPDATE (Trello + Shops + Repeatable Prompts)

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Hey, dropping a small handful of things at once this time around! We apologize for the relative silence in anticipation of some of these, but hopefully for the future, this first bit will help keep everyone in the loop as far as progress towards updates ;v;

A public Trello:

This should give a rough breakdown of some major projects and tasks which are being prioritized, and while it isn't comprehensive (there's always stuff being juggled around), hopefully this can be a useful step in knowing what to expect!
View the Trello here!

A couple of repeatable Prompts are now up!

This means certain prompts that can be resubmitted every month! For the sake of balancing, we will be working on bringing the number of repeatable prompts available each month up to 3, and we'll _also_ be working on finalizing a greater variety, so that the prompts available to complete each month aren't static for an extended amount of time.
These first prompts can be viewed here!

New Gibs Payout guide for prompts:

The payout system for prompts has been updated with these new repeatable prompts! To take a peek at this updated version, please look here!
View the payout guide here!


The first shops are up!

With repeatable prompts now up, and a steadier means to earn gibs, a small selection of buyable items are now available!
Evie's Potion Shop
GremCorps' Purchasing Center

Please note that the exact items which are available through shops may be subject to change as we add new items (some seasonal!)

Also, as with anything new on site, the item pricing is still subject to change! We are still actively balancing and figuring out what makes sense, and will be seeking to balance things as comfortably and fairly as possible as we move forward. We appreciate your guys' patience as we get used to doing this whole ARPG thing!

Tradeable MYO Items:

We are finally implementing a version of MYO slots that can be freely traded for grems, gibs, and other tradeable GremCorps items!

HOWEVER, they will not be called MYO Slots! To avoid confusion between tradeable and non-tradeable variants, we will be using a separate item called Pods (Pod reservations) to help people easily distinguish between the two.

MYO Slots = non-tradeable 🚫
Pods (Pod Reservations) = tradeable ✅

Please be certain that you wish to use your Pod before opening it, as doing so will automatically apply the MYO slot to your account, rendering it un-tradeable. (tldr: while still in ITEM FORM, the pod itself is tradeable, but once it has been OPENED and turned into a slot then it will no longer be tradable.)

There may be a few lingering exceptions to this from past event items still floating around (mostly tickets from past events/raffles), but until we can address those, please just always double check the tradability on an item before negotiating an exchange!

We have also stocked the 'GremCorps' Purchasing Center' shop with a half price Pod that everyone on-site will be able to purchase ONCE per person. The item obtained from this purchase will be account-bound and non-tradable (Though the grem acquired through it WILL be tradable!).

We wanted to provide this as an opportunity for everyone to be able to get a hold of a relatively more accessible grem of their own. Thank you guys so much for sticking through with the team thus far 💙

Locking system!

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Hello hello~!!
Just an announcement that the locking system is now live on the site!
To lock a grem, MYO slot or other character:
> - Go to the characters page
> - Find the "Profile" link on the left under "Character" and click it
> - Once on that page scroll down and you'll find the "Edit Profile" button on the right, click it
> - On this page, flip the switch to "on" and then give yourself the reason for the lock~

The locking reason can only be seen by your own self! This is to make sure you have a reason for your own self that you can see when you go to unlock it. Its there to help people from impulsive trading/selling! Some have also used this locking system to signify to others that the character is permanently homed and that's also ok~
Also please don't worry about redesigning, you are always free to redesign while the character is locked!

Here is an example of what the character will look visually when locked!
Basically, publicly, it will show a lock emoji beside the character's number and name, it will also show up over the gifting/trading/sale area. This system will visually show the character as locked when browsing the masterlist as well~
Personally, you will also have the reason for locking on the top of the character's page

Now this is still very much a new system! If you have any issues or bugs, please report it either to me through DMs of through the bug report on the site and we will take a look/give it to our coder!

Please allow me to go over the locked grems so i can unlock them and send you the grems with the reason for locking over today!


As a side note, sorry for the very long wait for **redesigns**, iv been quite busy for the last week but ill get back to it soon!

Spurs + Foraging update

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Hey group!

We've got a lil trait update for everyone! Starting now, the Spurs trait is being moved from Early Access to a Free Mutation! This means that all Grems will now have access to use this, should anyone so choose! (All Grems which previously had this trait are receiving compensation 🙏)

Spurs have an updated description and will have a limit of one per foot, so please look here if you're interested in using it!
This visual should also show where the spur can attach.


We're also dipping our toes into implementing a more user-involved method of testing out certain early access traits, which we hope should be both exciting for users, and helpful for the team. While they'll only be rolled out in very limited quantities at a time, please keep your eyes peeled for a new item being dropped into the foraging pool starting at site rollover! 💙🦪🥡