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December 6 Announcement

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Cypherus Cap

In response to the community's feedback, we have decided to implement a Cypherus Grem Cap of 3 going forward. This means that users may not own more than 3 Cypherus Grems at a time.

This number was based on a community vote, and may change as accessibility to Cyphers shifts over time, but that will likely be a decision that we once again leave up to the community when that time comes.

For users who already have over 3 Cyphers, this cap will mean that you may not acquire additional Cyphers until you have dropped below the cap. You may still keep the Cyphers you have and swap them for other Cyphers, but if you trade one away, you may not acquire another until you own fewer than 3.

We will still be making the majority of sales and giveaways NCO (non-cypherus-owner) in order to foster accessibility for those who do not yet own any Cyphers at all, but we're hoping this makes things feel a bit more fair within the community while we work toward the goal of making them more available.

We will also be discussing some of the community's suggestions concerning Cypher accessibility, though we ask for patience on this topic, as we are still prioritizing ARPG elements and a couple other planned things that affect everyone before addressing Cypherus grems that (at least for the time being) only affect a few.

Evie's Specialty Shop Extension

We will be extending the availability of EVIE'S SPECIALTY SHOP to December 15th, 11PM EST in order to give folks a bit more time to make their purchases, and to finalize some pricing decisions for the permanent shops that will open once the specialty shop closes.

Deviantart Masterlist Storage Deadline

Due to the outdated nature of the Deviantart masterlist, we are soon going to be storing it. This is an official heads up that if you have grems bookmarked or saved there for personal reasons, you may want to instead bookmark the current versions listed on the ARPG website.

If you have an account, there IS an onsite functionality for favoriting/bookmarking! Bookmarking is done from each grem's individual page, and to manage your personal bookmarks, this is the link (found in the dropdown under your username at the top right of the page)

To view bookmarks in gallery view or link them to another person, go to your userpage, and on the left side panel under 'Gallery', there should be a link there for that.

January 15 is when we are hoping to archive the outdated list, so please make sure to get anything in order by then!!

Mutation Update: Fleck

- Glinting Fleck will now simply be referred to as Fleck

- Fleck will no longer be limited to the neck! Flecked grems may now be glitter-bombs in any furred area of the body!

See the Fleck guide for full info on the update:

If you wish to update a grem that has Fleck to alter the location of the Fleck in order to take advantage of this update, it will be considered cosmetic (similar to changing an antler shaped Horned mutation to bull horns) so you will not need to go through a redesign to do so.

That said, please DM Mama#3953 on discord if you wish to update your grem's Masterlist entry for this purpose, as submitting cosmetic updates currently triggers a redesign cooldown when done on-site.

"Community Grems"

The terminology 'NPC' for the non-owned, usable prompt grems has been changed to 'Community Grem' for the sake of avoiding confusion about usable/unusable 'npc's! From here on these (Gravel, Gamma, Bernand and Scotty) will be referred to as Community Grems!

Also! Friendly little reminder that the deadline for applying to create a guest-artist Cypherus grem is tonight at 11:59pm EST! So be sure to fill out a form before then if you're interested!

October Conclusion + Updates

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Update: The winners of all the raffles have been rolled, you can check them out for yourself at the links below:
Cypherus raffle
E-T/Pred Premades

All prizes will be moved into each winners account accordingly over the next few hours or so!
Thank you!

Hey everyone!
A very big thank you to everyone for joining in on our October event this year!
The conclusion to Vell's Harvest Festival has been posted here if you would like to read:

Here is a brief explanation of how the ending raffles are going to work:

✦ All Raffles are going to be rolled all at once after about 1 hour has passed from this post time!
Be sure to double check the raffles in this time to ensure that you are properly included into them for each part that you completed.
Raffle List

The raffles are set to roll in this order
1. Cypherus
2. E-T/Pred Premades
3. Myos for FFA and FTO

Remember: Users who are rolled as winners in one roll will not be able to win in the remaining rolls for this event.


✦ Additionally: all of the premade E-T / Pred Grems are going to be previewed now, ahead of time, so that users will have a chance to see them before the final rolls happen.

The image below shows how each premade is going to be numbered for prize places 1-14 on the part 2 "premade" raffle.
(ex: Winner #1 will get the grem that is numbered 1. etc.)



Evie's shop closing time

Evie's specialty shop will remain open for a little bit longer after the ending of this event. Please take the time you need to consider any purchases, but she will then close up shop on December 15th 11:59:59 pm EST.

October 2022 Event + Minor Update

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October Event 2022

It is that time of year once again. The October 2022 event is now live. You can read up on all of the information on the main page [here.]
We hope you will enjoy our first ever fully site-hosted event! Please be sure to check out the range of activities we have provided for you all, and good luck!

Minor Update

As a side note, we also wanted to let you all know that the compensation ticket items from the last news post update have all been distributed. If you did not receive your item please message us or ping an admin in our discord server so that we can look into it for you!

Trait Category Changes and New System Update

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 Hello everyone, 

As a follow up to one of our more recent updates, we wanted to let you all know about a few upcoming changes and new things we plan to implement as we continue along with arpg development.

First Let’s start with the recent Change(s):

The "Use it or Lose it" System.
Moving forward, and from this point onwards, Grems whose mutations are removed via redesigns, design reversions, or design updates, will not be able to add those mutations back onto their design without use of a mutation applicator item. (items such as Mutation Tickets for example.)

In the past it has been exceedingly rare that anyone would ever completely remove a mutation from a Grem’s design. In fact we would only see such instances crop up maybe once or twice in a blue moon. So few that we never really had any established processes for how to handle removing and re-adding mutations in design updates, and as such when they did occur they were treated on an individual, case-by-case basis. 


Typically, rather than removing mutations altogether from a Grem, people will instead swap mutations around for ones they prefer more, (ex changing horned to cherub, or begemmed to scale plate.) This new system will only affect those who are entirely removing mutations from their designs altogether. 




 What do I do if I want to revert my Grem that has horns, to a previous design, and the previous version does not have horns?

 If you do not wish to lose the horned mutation on your Grem, then you will simply need to add horned into the previous design, either by editing the old art (as always, with permission if you are not the original artist.) or by redrawing the old design yourself to include horns. 

If you are okay with losing the horned mutation, then you can simply revert to the version without it. However; please keep in mind that once you remove a mutation you will not be able to add it back without using a mutation ticket or other mutation applying item!


What happens if I have a Grem with a mutation that was removed and labeled as being able to be used at any time? (EG: my grem had horned and it was removed before this system was implemented, and beforehand admins informed me it was ok to keep it)

  Grems who have been marked as such prior to this point will still retain the ability to add on their mutation in a future design update. However, once the mutation has been officially set/applied, they will be expected to adhere to the new “Use it or Lose it” system. 




Now for the new upcoming things:


Our reason for making the above change ties very strongly into some new additions we are going to be making to the arpg. These additions revolve mainly around the use of items, and things that will be included as purchasable stock in future shops. 


Mutation applicator items 

Along with steadily planning to give you all more ways to earn "Gibs," the in-world Palleth currency, we are hoping to be able to increase our stock of purchasable items slowly over time. An upcoming planned addition to our item pool that we are excited to release are new mutation applicator items. 


What are mutation applicator items?

Basically these are any items that have the ability to apply mutations to a Grem. Each item will work in a slightly different way that will be explained in the item’s description, but to give you all a heads up there will be a slight change to how certain mutation applicator items work going forward to match the system we have set up for the new items we will be adding very soon. We will be separating mutation applicators into 2 different categories from this point onwards. Those categories are as follows: 


Free-Choice Mutation Applicators

These are items such as the "Mutation Ticket" that allow you a free-choice to add x1 of any currently existing paid-mutation onto your Grem. (For example, a Mutation Ticket allows you to add either horns, OR begemmed, OR scale plate, etc.) 

Once used, traits added via these items will be marked on the Grem's masterlist entry, and at any point in the future CAN be swapped out for x1 of any other currently available paid mutation in a redesign/reversion/design update. 


They will be stocked in certain shops and available for purchase in exchange for Gibs that you earn by participating in certain arpg events/prompts/etc. 


Specific Mutation Applicators

These are items that will apply only very specific mutations to your Grem. (For example, a "Horn Potion" may only apply horns to a Grem, it cannot  apply begemmed.) 

Once used, traits added via these items will be visibly marked on the Grem's masterlist entry, and while you can restyle them in any future changes (ex: ram horns to antlers.) they CANNOT at any point be swapped out for any other mutation in a redesign/reversion/design update. (Horns applied using a "horn potion" must always stay horns, they cannot be swapped for begemmed, cherub, etc.) 


These items will be stocked in certain shops and will be available for purchase at a slightly lower price than any "Free-Choice Applicator" items, to allow those of you who know what you would like to add to your Grem a cheaper alternative. If you do not care much about the swapability of a mutation and know you would like to stick with the one you have in mind, then please consider purchasing one of these specific applicators at a slightly lower cost!

If you do want to preserve the swapability of your mutations for any future redesign projects you have, then you would likely prefer to purchase one of the “Free-Choice Mutation Applicators” at the regular/standard purchase price.


If you are ever uncertain of which to buy, each new mutation item we add will have details in its description to explain how it works and what mutation(s) it is able to apply!

Hopefully the separation of mutation applicators into these two categories will allow us to expand upon the amount and types of items we can offer to users who wish to upgrade their Grems, along with being able to offer certain items seasonally or to match with certain themes.


What do I do about my Grems who have had mutations added to them via items in the past?

Not to worry, you don’t need to do anything extra! Any Grems that have had mutations added to them prior to this change will not be treated any differently than Grems who came with their mutation in premade sales. Only items used past this point will be tracked under this new system. 

How will this affect old tickets such as the “bat wing ticket”?

The old bat wing ticket is going to be retired from the item pool. A new item will be taking its place at some point in the future. The new item will adhere to the new rules, but users who have the old item currently in their inventory have been granted x1 mutation ticket to compensate for the change, as it ties into bat wing being recategorized as a trait.


We'd also like to announce that there will be a few category changes for the traits listed below:

  • Dangled (Ear) & Demon Tail will be moved from mutations to public traits that everyone will have the ability to use!
  • Croaker & Bat Wings will be moved from "Early Access" to the "Paid Mutation" category. This will now give anyone with a mutation switchable access to these 2 traits!


While we didn't initially intend for Early Access traits to signify an additional level of rarity beyond normal mutations, we understand that it was our failure to communicate that intent early on that led to a rift in perceived value. Due to this, we will be compensating any user who owns a grem that has any of these traits with a paid mutation ticket.

Note that this compensation should not be expected for changes in rarity for Early Access traits going forward. We will be taking more care in the future to separate what is early access (and still undergoing general testing before being openly released) from features that are actually rare or exclusive.

Users with grems affected by this will be awarded mutation ticket(s) over the next few days. Users who are signed up to the ARPG site will find their tickets in their on-site inventory. Anyone who has not signed up can find their ticket in the Palleth Inventory.

These tickets will be given x1 for every instance of any of these mutations present on your grems. If you have not received your ticket(s) after 1 week from this announcement, please contact an admin in the #admin-help-request channel in our discord!