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Trades and Transfers

◈Character Trading, Gifting/transfering, and Reselling (along with Vouchering)◈

Characters have three properties for transfers: Trading, Gifting/Transfering, and Reselling.
Vouchering requires its own section and so please refer to this page if you wish to voucher a character!

Most characters can be traded or gifted, but charactes can only be resold for the price they were purchased for which is listed on the character's masterlist entry page.

Please remember to be cautious when buying and trading. Always check that the information present in the advertisement/trade post matches the information present on the character's masterlist entry (current owner is correct, sale/tradability status is correct, etc.)

We provide the masterlist for your security and we are able to to help to some extent if something were to happen; however, we are not financially liable in the event of a fraudulent transaction and we cannot refund your money or other goods if something goes wrong. If you suspect any fraudulent activity is occurring, please either use the report option on this site OR privately reach out to an admin or mod to discuss!



Trades are two-way between you and another user. You can open a trade by going to "Queue > Trades" and clicking New Trade.

  1. From Queue in the navigation bar, go to Trades
  2. Click New Trade
  3. Select a Recipient
  4. You can send comments to note what you're expecting in return
  5. Add the characters, items, or currency from your inventory
  6. When you submit, both parties must confirm their trades twice. Once to confirm your side is complete, then again for the entire trade. If any edits are made, confirmations must be done again.
  7. Once complete, it will go into a queue for moderator approval.



Transfers are one-way from one user to another. You can use transfers for gifts, if you are reselling a character and already received the money, or trading for a different species/character and already confirmed the trade!

  1. Go to the character's masterlist entry page
  2. On the left hand side, under Settings, click Transfer
  3. Select a recipient
  4. Please put in the reason for transfer (Very important to be as specific as possible) then hit Send Transfer
  5. The other user must accept
  6. Once complete, it will go into a queue for moderator approval.