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Trades and Transfers


Design Trading, Gifting, and Reselling

Designs have three properties for transfers: Trading, Gifting, and Reselling.

Most designs can be traded or gifted, but designs can only be resold for the price they were purchased for. Be sure to check the transfer properties of any design you attempt to receive or send, in case you are getting scammed.


Trades are two-way. You can open a trade by going to "Queue > Trades" and clicking New Trade.

  1. From Queue in the navigation bar, go to Trades
  2. Click New Trade
  3. Select a Recipient
  4. You can send comments to note what you're expecting in return
  5. Add the characters, items, or currency from your inventory
  6. When you submit, both parties must confirm their trades twice. Once to confirm your side is complete, then again for the entire trade. If any edits are made, confirmations must be done again.
  7. Once complete, it will go into a queue for moderator approval.


Transfers are one-way gifts from one user to another. The other user receives the character as soon as they accept. You do not receive anything on the site in return. You can use transfers if you are reselling a design and already received the money, or trading for a different species and already confirmed the trade. You can also just use transfers for gifts!

  1. Go to the character's masterlist entry page
  2. On the left hand side, under Settings, click Transfer
  3. Select a recipient and hit Send Transfer
  4. The other user must accept.