Trades and Transfers

◈Terms Guide◈

Grems can be transferred in a variety of ways, the most prominent methods are often: Trading, Gifting, and Reselling.

Trading - This is when a user is directly exchanging a grem/in-game item for something else from another user. This exchange occurs between two or more parties typically consisting of grems, other characters, or items. (Eg: Trading their Grem for User B's Grem, Or A Grem being traded for Gibs or in-game items. )

Gifting - As the name implies, this is when a user is freely giving a grem/in-game item to someone else without exchanging it for anything in return. (For example, User A gifting a grem to their friend as a surprise!) 

Reselling - Reselling is when a user purchases a grem directly from another user for its listed resale price. Most grems can be traded and gifted; however, only grems with a Resale Value listed on their masterlist entry can be resold.

Not all grems will have a Resale Value, but for those that do, the maximum amount that they can be resold for will be displayed on their masterlist. They may be sold for up to that amount, or less.

Grems that have no resale value listed may NOT be resold, they may only be traded, vouchered, or gifted. 

Vouchering - requires its own section and so please refer to this page if you wish to learn more about vouchering a grem!

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Please be cautious when buying and trading!
The masterlist is a resource for your security. We may be able to help to an extent if something occurs, however we are not financially liable in the event of a fraudulent transaction and refunds of goods/currency will not be made.

If you suspect fraudulent activity is occuring, please report it to us via claims or privately reach out to an admin or mod for help.


◈Site Functions: Trades and Transfers◈

There are a couple of ways to exchange grems, and in-game items/currency on site. 

The Trades System

Trades are to be used when conducting two-way exchanges between you and another user, or when sending many bulk items/currency/characters one way.

You can create a new trade by going to "Queue > Trades" and clicking New Trade.

  1. Once on the New Trade page you will need to select a recipient. This should be the on-site username of the person you are trading with.

  2. In the "Proof of Terms" area it is required that you state whether the transfer is part of a "gift, trade, resale," or etc. Trades sent in without a reason present will be rejected so that a reason can be provided. 

  3. It is recommended to note what you're expecting in return in the "Comments" area. (ex: "Trading x amount of gibs for companion token."
    • This is so that there is a written proof of the exchange agreement if it is ever needed in the future. (Please note that this comment cannot be changed once set so make sure it is as clear and concise as possible!)

  4. There will be 3 drop down menus present at the bottom of the trade page:
    - “Inventory” drop down
    - “Characters” drop down
    - “Bank” drop down
    • Using each of these drop downs you can now add the specific characters, items, or currency needed for the trade.

  5. Once your selections have been made press the "Create Trade" button. This will alert your trade partner to the trade and they should then be able to go in and add their end of the trade to the page.

  6. Once your trade partner has added their side into the trade page, both parties will need to confirm the other end of the trade. At this stage ensure that what they have attached lines up with what you are expecting to receive and then hit confirm. You may return to this page to edit the contents of the trade so long as the final confirmation button has not yet been pressed.

  7. Once you both are in agreement that each side of the trade is correct and have both confirmed, there will be one final confirmation upon reloading the page. This final confirmation will add the trade into the admin queue to be approved by an admin or mod. 

  8. Once a moderator or admin have approved the trade, it should automatically update and any characters, items, or currency will be transferred to the opposite party. 

The Transfers System

Transfers are used for conducting one-way exchanges between you and another user. (eg: Gifting to a friend in a one-way transactrion.)

Transfers may also be conducted in the case that the thing you are trading for is something that exists off-site. (eg: Trading a grem for a one-off character, or if you are reselling a grem for its Resale Price.)

↳ To create a transfer you will need to go to the individual page of the character, or item and select "transfer" from the menu shown there.

Currency transfers can be created by selecting "Bank" from the "Inventory" drop down found on the top right of any site-page.

Please instead use the Trades System to attach bulk items/characters/currency (Eg: grems, AND items/currency for example.) onto one post without having to create multiple individual transfer posts.

↳ Transfers will not need to be approved by the receiving party, but will still need to be approved by a mod or admin. When sending in your transfer please indicate the reason for transfer by stating whether it is part of a "gift, trade, resale," etc. Transfers sent in without a reason will be rejected so that one can be provided.