Witch (Grem2 Subtype)

Fighter Grem (Grem2 Subtype)

Spliced Snowgrem (Snowgrem Subtype)

Please see (Splice Grem2) for more information.

Spliced Fightergrem (Grem2 Subtype)

Please see (Splice Grem2) for more information.

Splice (Grem2 Subtype)


Splice Grems are a modified creation of Grem2 (or Grem hybrid) made from either the ethereal blessing of Godly creators or the experimental tampering of Gremcorps playing God themselves.  

FACTS & Information:

  • The term "Splice" comes from Gremcorps' ability to take the DNA of 2 individual grems, and merge them together in order to create infant offspring. Bridging the gap for Grem parents who wish to have a child of their own, but cannot due to their inability to reproduce.
    • For Gremcorps, "Splicing" is canonicly still experimental and expensive, making it rather rare to encounter "Splice" subtypes.

  • A Splice Grem (Or splice version of any other hybrid) is practically the same as a Basic-type Grem, the only difference being that the beginning of a Splice Grem's life-span starts far earlier into infancy outside of the tube compared to a normal Grem, which is tube-bound until the canonical age of 18 years.
    • Grems lack the ability to survive outside of the tube during that time as they are underdeveloped, where as Splice Grems have the advantage of experiencing life much earlier, therefore being more robust and mentally astute in comparison as they age into adulthood.
  • Gods also have the ability to create Splice Grems, as many are able to create life themselves. Although it is increasingly rare to see Gods attempt this in general, it's a very common ability that Eden (God of life/Creation) willfully shares and shows when she comes to visit the planet.
    • Fun Fact: Eden's Splices and Gremcorps' Splices are canonically 2 different versions, but to make things more simple for record keeping, they have been labelled under the same category.
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