Modifier Trait

Modifier traits do not incure a cooldown

Admin Only

These traits are one that can only be used by admins and cannot be switched out for another trait even if their classification is the same.

Trait Rarity Class

Early Access Mutation

Previously named "Restricted", early access mutations are mutations that are still being worked on or being tested. These mutations are only used by admins on grem sales and are off limits to the public when adding mutations while doing redesigns or for myo's. 

 Early access mutations can be switched with paid mutations, but cannot be traded with another early access mutation.

Afflicted (Early Access)

Afflictions are conditions that your grem can be affected by after their creation. Examples of currently known Afflictions are: Weregrem, Extra-Terrestrial, and Predatory. Unlike Mutations, Afflictions have a specific set of effects on the grem, and tend to come from outside causes, such as an infectious bite in the case of Weregrems, or exposure to certain materials in the cases of Extra-Terrestrial and Predatory grems.

Any grem (including hybrids, cyphers, splices, etc) can become Afflicted, but may only have ONE Affliction at any given time.

Paid Mutation

These mutations are traits that people pay for. They increase the value of an adoptable, whether it be raising the base price of a grem sale with mutations or a rare grem myo slot.

In lore, these traits are very hard to pinpoint and only tend to show up randomly rather than when the grem is genetically designed. Paid mutations can only be switched for other paid mutations (not including Restricted Mutations).


Trait Rarity Class

Seasonal Trait


Seasonal traits that come into availability only within their respective season. 



  • While these traits can mix with other traits, there will be individual limitations to each seasonal trait. Please see individual traits for more information. 
  • Any grem (including hybrids, cyphers, Etc.) can use seasonal traits.



Public-On Certain Hybrids

Here are the free traits found on each specific hybrids:


Horned, Feelers, Scaleplate, Harlequin


Harlequin, Fleck, Begemmed, Primal Teeth

Growl (Discontinued)

Harlequin, Cherub

Public - Free Mutation

Free mutations are a trait class that can be easily accessed by the public. They are oddities that can be pinpointed in the DNA and used at any time when designing a grem. The rarity is for flavortext and has no bearing on the value of the adoptable.

Any public trait can be swapped out with another public trait, combined with another public trait, or removed during a trait redesign.

Trait Rarity Class


These traits are easily accessible to the public, being the base traits for every grem2. There is no rarity value of the adoptable when using these traits.

Any public trait can be swapped out with another public trait, combined with another public trait, or removed during a trait redesign.

Trait Rarity Class

Fighter Exclusive

Exclusive to grems who are in the fighter line. The cropped ears are necessary on fightergrems but the docked tail is not obligatory.

Hybrid Exclusive

These traits are exclusively used only by their respective hybrid species, these traits are unable to be used by other species outside of their hybrid class.

Trait Rarity Class


These are traits that haven't been made official or categorized. They will be properly categorized in the future, but are a work in progress! Although they might be free to use later, they are off limits entirely unless handled by the creator or admins.

Trait Rarity Class


These traits will be re-released after being modified. These traits CANNOT be used by anyone including the admin team.

Trait Rarity Class

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