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Snowgrems are a hybridization between Grem2 and Domestic Canine, created to be a working class for primarily frigid environments. Originally snowgrems were used for long distance deliveries, hunting, dog translation, and pull work, but as their popularity grew in size, snowgrems were modified for different roles such as emotional support classes or simply having one for personal enjoyment and social status.

Snowgrems can now be classed into certain categories based on the job that they were created to do. These classes are only here to add flare to your snowgrem and create proper work for their dog form.

Each snow grem is special, able to shape shift into a "working dog" form whenever they please. This form of shape shifting is a huge benefit to humanity, with not only providing ample work for people but also helping close the language gap between dogs and humans by having them aid in translation between both species.

Snowgrems almost always sport furry soft feet and densely furred bodies to protect them from the cold. Their starry blueish eyes are a specific popular trait to people as well as their shape shifting dog forms. Their fur can wildly vary in colour as opposed to "Earth type canines" making them abnormally coloured, with their dog form showing similar resemblance in design, colour, and traits to their original snowgrem form.

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