Snowgrem guide


 Here is a visual example of what a Snowgrem ref sheet needs for approval. Please read below to see what is available to you when creating your Snowgrem!

Visual by @mrgremble
Masterlist Ref Requirements:

◈ Fullbody image of the Snowgrem
◈ Blood color swatch
◈ Visual of the animal form
◈ Eyes must be shown clearly on the fullbody. If they are not, please do so on a side visual
◈ Mouth color must be shown either through an open mouth, gums, a tongue sticking out or on a side visual

Trait Availability

 Every trait in the “Public” & “Free Mutation” categories here are available to Snowgrems.
Additionally, the below mutations are free to use for Snowgrems!




Primal Teeth




All Hybrids have only one blood color. Due to this, hybrids do not experience a ‘Recessive rush’ as grem2 do.
Snowgrems have their true blood color required in the mouth! Other blood rules do not apply to them.

Fluffy Feet

Fluffy Feet are mandatory for Snowgrems, though how much of the toes are covered may vary. This image should show a decent spread of the possible varieties!

Visual by @mamamii




All Snowgrems have starry eyes! Usually the pupil has a star shape but sometimes the grem is affected by a condition called "constellation". Below are some examples of the kind of eyes the Snowgrem could have!

Visual by @mrgremble

◈ Star:

The default Snowgrem eye! Defined by having a star shaped pupil. The pupil can be any star shape you wish. A few examples of common types are shown below-

Visual by @toothlessego

◈ Constellation:

Defined specifically by their constellation-like shape. Can be with or without an iris but lacks a pupil. These grems are considered “blind”, seeing the world in a very unique way.  Constellation eyes must have their stars be the brightest color in the eyes, and clearly visible.

◈ Mix:

This is a mix of both eye types, characteristically seen with both big and small stars in many different varieties.

Eye glow 

Snowgrem eyes can glow when they are using their intrinsic abilities or in the dark in a unique way!
Their glow, if they have one, is blue, and must fit within the hue range below, though the saturation and brightness of these colors may vary. Additionally, the glow may trail in a sort of icy ‘mist’ around the eyes!

Visuals by @toothlessego

Palm Paw Pads (optional)

Animal palm pads are optionally available for Snowgrems on their hands! These may be shaped like the pawpads of dogs, cats, bears, etc. The exact shape is flexible so long as the pads are restricted to the palms and fingers.

Visual by @toothlessego

An additional note regarding finger or palm pads is that
as long as the finger pads are made visible somewhere on the reference sheet, they may be obscured by fluff in other angles/views!

Ice Fang and Claw Manifestation

Snowgrems have an innate ability to manifest ice over their fangs and claws, and to dissolve them back away at will. This is not an ‘ice power’ trait, but an innate ability of all Snowgrems! Ice manifested in this way must be either clear or blue, following the same hue guide as the eye glow above. This ice can elongate fangs or claws but not drastically change their shape!

Visuals by @toothlessego

◈Animal form rules◈

Every Snowgrem has one associated animal form that they are able to transform into at will.  Different Snowgrems may have different associated forms!

Pre-made Snows will come with a default animal form that has already been assigned. Undesigned/unused Snowgrem myos are able to choose and assign one animal form from the list below when first creating their design for approval.

Through use of the "Singing Beast Relic" , it’s possible for a user to change the current animal form of a snowgrem they own to a different animal type from the list below. This item can be acquired via completion of the Snowgrem Trials Prompt, or through purchase from Evie's Potion Shop.

Snowgrem Animal Form Options:

Below is a list of the options available to use when selecting a Snowgrem’s Animal-Form. 

You must choose 1 animal from this list when designing your Snowgrem that will be your snow’s Default Animal-Form. 

Canines (All canidae)


Felines (All felidae)



Bears (All ursidae)



Deer (All Cervidae, including moose, elk, reindeer)


  •  Even if they do not have the horn mutation, while in their animal form only Cervid-type Snowgrem may have a set of default antlers that would occur naturally for the cervid species they chose as their animal form. (Ex: deer antlers for a deer form or moose antlers for a moose form.) 
    • These antlers must retain natural shapes and not be overly complex. Coloration can match the Snowgrems palette. 
    • The addition of “default” antlers is NOT required and can be omitted.
  • If a Cervid-type Snowgrem HAS the horn mutation, then its horns may replace but not add onto the animal form’s antlers. 
    • Default antlers may be used instead but must match the coloration of the horn mutation.


▲Birds of Prey (including vultures) and Corvids


  • Any horns present on the Snowgrem form may still carry over to the bird form. 
  • Please note in the case of horned and begemmed, horns/gems should still be placed in locations where they would be sprouting from flesh. Horns/Gems should not be placed on the tips of feathers/fur.


Wings (Cherub/Bat/Quad): 

  • For Bird-type Snowgrems, If your snowgrem has Cherub Wings, you may optionally choose to use the coloration/markings present on the cherub wings instead of those on the arms as the patterning for the wings while in their Bird form. 
  • For Bird-type snowgrems, if your snowgrem has Bat Wings, you may optionally replace the default bird wings while in their bird form only with bat wings instead. 
  • For Bird-type Snowgrems with quad wings, the bird form may optionally have quad wings.

Animal Form Traits

The ear/neck/tail “traits” on a Snowgrem's animal form are allowed some flexibility! If you would not like to make these traits match with your Snowgrem’s main form, then they must instead have the realistic characteristics of their base animal.

Examples of how this works:

✔️ Snow grem with Koi ear trait - Dog form with Koi ear trait

✔️ Snow grem with Koi ear trait - Dog form with husky ears

❌ Snow grem with Koi ear trait - Dog form with City ear trait


Visual Examples