Mantagrem guide


 Here is a visual example of what a Mantagrem ref sheet needs for approval. Please read below to see what is available to you when creating your Mantagrem!


Visual base by @mrgremble, edits by @toothlessego
Masterlist Ref Requirements:

◈ Fullbody image of the Mantagrem
◈ Blood color swatch
◈ Eyes must be shown clearly on the fullbody. If they are not, please do so on a side visual
◈ The wing eyes need to be clearly visible

Trait Availability

 Every trait in the “Public” & “Free Mutation” categories here are available to Mantagrems.
Additionally, the below mutations are free to use for Mantagrems!




Scale plating




All Hybrids have only one blood color. Due to this, hybrids do not experience a ‘Recessive rush’ as grem2 do.
Mantagrems have their true blood color required somewhere in both eyes! Other blood rules do not apply to them.

Mantagrem wings

Mantagrems have elongated, wing-like fins, similar to those of manta rays or sharks! They’re cartilaginous and semi-flexible, lacking any sort of jointing that true wings would have.
A Mantagrem may have up to four of these wings along the back. Wing-horns/ridges can vary in shape or number (can be 0), but cannot be fused with the horn of another wing, for the sake of mobility.

Visual by @mamamii

A Mantagrem will always have wing-eyes of some sort. These wing-eyes may only be placed on the front of the wing, with a limit of up to 2 eyes per wing, and an upper limit of 4 wing-eyes per Mantagrem altogether.

The wing and tail of a Mantagrem are connected

Visual by @mamamii

Mantagrem wings may NOT mimic bird wings or bat wings. Having mobile joints is a large factor in mimicry.  Any Mantagrem wing design we feel mimics bat/feathered bird wings, or might be mistaken for bat/bird wings will be sent back for adjustments. 

Please keep this in mind when designing. We understand that everyone has their own style in how they render things like notched fins, fur, and feathers, and that sometimes there is some overlap on the appearance of each. 

Please understand that in the case of Mantagrem wings on Masterlist images, we will be strict on this subject, and may ask that fur or fin shaping along the wing be changed if we feel it may be mistaken as feathers. This will not be policed outside of Masterlist images (Potentially event/prompt entries, though only in extreme cases).

The following are examples of the general shape of the Mantagrem wing, the top examples being ok and the bottom ones being something we would reject on the shape alone. Keep in mind that even the top shapes may be rejected if the markings make them realistically mimic the cherub or bat wing mutations.

Visual by @mamamii



All Mantagrems are required to show gills. These may be placed on either side of the neck, OR either side of the torso!

Visual by @mamamii




 Tail must be long enough to assist in propulsion when swimming


 Every Mantagrem has a small flap which can cover the ear hole to prevent water from entering it while swimming. This ear flap can also be longer and take on certain shapes.

Visual by @mamamii


◈optional anatomy◈


Mantagrems can take on slight variations in form by either merging their arms into their wings and having only wings visible to aid in underwater movement, or vice-versa, shrinking their wings into their back and having only arms visible on land to help retain moisture!

Visual by @mrgremble



Other optional body additions

Long Neck
◈ Webbed Hands/Feet
◈ They may have aquatic skin types (think shark skin, whale skin, etc) or be furred.
◈ Some form of physical trait (just the neck and ears) can be similar to the traits shown on Public traits seen HERE.
◈ Many forms of aquatic features (eg. tentacles, shells, whale fins etc.) are available for mantagrems to display. If you’re unsure on what you can do then feel free to Note/DM Densy#0485 on discord with a visual example! 
◈ Mantagrems have the option of using different aquatic teeth shape types (shark, seal, whale, etc), as long as extra rows of teeth are not added!



Mantagrems may show translucency/transparency in some parts of their body. Here is a list of areas that are allowed to show translucency/parency!

Dragon Frill 
Extra-Terrestrial  (tentacles only)
Predatory (tongues only)
◈ Manta Wings (the eyes & top wing-horns/ridges still need to appear solid).
◈ Extra Back/Body Appendages (Meaning Fins and Extra fish related accessories) 

More information about the mantagrem

Want to know a little more about mantagrems? Please check out the links below for history and general information!

Mantagrem Information