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Status: Mount

Species Availability: Closed, cannot make your own

Introduced / Native: Native

Size: 5-6 Ft (At the Shoulder)


Location: Larmonis Region

Habitat: Wide Wetland/Grassland Mixture and Tide pools

Base: Snorse You are only able to use this base if you own a ticket to create one!



The Snorse is a large land creature that commonly grazes on the rich grasses of the Larmonis Region. They are visually akin to massive legged snails, sharing similar features like having a protective shell, 4 eyes, scraping mouth part and tacky skin. The skin of an adult Snorse is tough and difficult to tear, making them a daunting animal to hunt for even the most experienced predator. The shell of a snorse grows with them and can be shaped by the environment in which they live, and the diet that they consume, making each one unique in nature. This creature forms close bonds with their fellow snorses and will form herds to garner the safety benefits a group brings.

The lifecycle of a Snorse is one of the most heavily documented forms of research in animal science. As large groups of Snorse will come together in mega-herds to make their way towards the shores and tidepools spanning all along the border of Larmonis. These shoreline areas are a key breeding ground for the Snorse, turning into nurseries for their offspring, so that they may grow large enough to become independent from their parents.

Reaching up to 60 Km per hour, these surprisingly swift animals can clear vast swaths of land in a short amount of time, making them a sought after mount for enthusiasts of this species.

Misc Facts:

  • Snorses, like snails, possess both reproductive organs. These creatures will similarily "joust" in order to spear the other snorse in order to determine who will carry the offspring.
  • The healthier and more extragavently coloured a snorse's shell is, the healthier they are.
  • Their diet consists of primarily vegitation and rotting material.
  • The ears of a snorse can be seen behind their elbows.



Basic Design Rules


Physical Requirements:

  • Must have a snail face.
  • Must have a basic rounded snail shell. (No Points or edges, cannot replicate oceanic shells, Eg the “conch shell” look)
  •  Must have cloven hooves.

Available Colours & Markings ✔️

  • All Colours and Markings are available for this species.



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