Rarity: Rare (3)
Species Availability: Closed species, you cannot make your own
Size Comparison: Small mountain lion or medium-large dog (tail is the same length as body)
Quick Description: This pack hunting predator navigates its territory with the heat sensing barbels on it's head. Despite its lack of eyes it has no trouble 'seeing'. Though not as useful in this new environment, the bright armored nodules along its body muddy its own heat signature, confusing other predators and prey from its native home. The bright blue tendrils along the top of its hips and the end of its tail produce a painful but non-lethal sting. They use teamwork and their exceptional climbing skills to corner and ambush larger prey.

If you have a token to create a pet of this variety and you would like to use the pre-made base when designing your pet, you can find the Qumot base Here.

For more information on how to design and color your qumot, please check out the species guide Here.


- Stinging tendrils will regrow if damaged; the sting is painful enough to temporarily incapacitate something as large as a moose.

- Can climb most rough vertical surfaces like cliffs and trees but nothing smooth like concrete, metal, or glass.

- Capable of eating anything it can rip apart with its strong jaws but prefers live, warm-blooded prey. 

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