Status: Mount
Species Availability: Closed species, you cannot make your own
Size Comparison: Pony to  medium Horse size
Quick description: These omnivorous creatures are brightly coloured to ward off predators, indicating that they are poisonous and shouldn't be eaten. These creatures specialize in consuming certain plants that are considered poisonous to many others, they use this poison to convert into a weapon, lacing it within their skin. 

If you have a token to create an inkuine and you would like to use the pre-made base when designing your pet, you can find the Inkuine base Here.

For more information on how to design and color your inkuine, please check out the species guide Here.


-Can shoot slime as another form of defense from its mouth.

-Able to crush seashells with its beak to get into the juicy morsel within.

-The poison is only active when ingested and can cause a burning and stinging sensation all within your body, so please wash yourself after riding one of them.

(More info about colouration will come in the future)

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