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Trinket: Warmth

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Suvian charm Origins

In Old Suvian tradition, these clear bells were crafted from pure blazing crystal and used as a means to mark the wearer's path when heavy snow fell so they could always find their way home, even in the bitterest cold. These charm had the ability to keep the body warm throughout, making them a necessity during harsh Suvian winters. They sparkled in the sunlight and the clapper inside seemed to emit a faint fiery glow. When shaken, their airy chimes radiated a cozy warmth.

Outside Suvia's frozen wastes, these charms are far less crucial to survival, and so slightly less potent versions are often handed out as special gifts during winter festivals by skilled Suvian craftsmen, keeping generations of tradition alive. These trinkets contain only a small portion of the energy that the original versions of the Suvian charms possessed, making their effects last only briefly, dissipating after 10 or so seconds. While they may not be necessary for survival, they bring warmth and comfort to all who wear them, making for a much cozier winter season.


Deaglbq-ea1e5b95-793b-4462-937f-6d61758f7e1f (1) by MamaMii

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Various art by: Sarspax, Acember, Mamamii

When worn, the bells cause a path of illusory fire and ember effect that trail behind the wearer in the shape of their footsteps. The fire and the ember themselves are only temporary illusions and thus not hot to the touch and incapable of spreading. These trails will fade away after the wearer has traveled far enough from them. The clapper inside the bell seems to radiate a bit of warmth into the wearer,  just enough to ward off the cold for a little while.


  • The embers and illusionary fire are limited to only the footsteps and should not spread or stretch outside of that immediate area.
  • Fire and embers are fake and thus incapable of burning or spreading.
  • Fiery effect can glow in a variety of colors. They are not limited to reds and oranges!
  • Trail can only exist as long as bells are present and being worn.
  • The trinket itself can be made from solid opaque or translucent blazing crystal, or a more refined clear blazing crystal.
  • They always sparkle in the sunlight, and the clapper inside emits a faint fiery glow. When shaken, their airy chimes radiates a cozy "by the fire" warmth.
  • These trinkets are handmade and can have varying complexities and engravings but always remain in a jingle bell form.
  • They will stay the same colour shades as the examples above as that is the blazing crystal material's colour.
  • Bell can be accesorized onto a scarf, necklace, jacket, wristband, etc. But should still retain it's general appearance, and be visible when in use.