๐Ÿ“ฎ Update Announcement: 05-01-2024

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Hello all! Here are a bunch of updates!

New "Mini prompt: eden"

The second prompt "Mini prompt: Eden" has officially been made available!
Here you will draw your grems spending time with eden, doing so will award you not only petals but a mysterious roll of something good from the tree itself! From potions, to gourds, gibs, and possibly more! This new mini prompt will be open until the end of the event (May 31st).


After a small update, we are now able to provide members with additional privacy settings for their accounts! This update adds a new toggle within the settings area that allows you to lock access to your personal account features, meaning that other Public/logged-out visitors and other members will be unable to view them. This should hopefully work somewhat similarly to toyhouse's visibility feature.

The list of lockable features is as follows:

  • User Bank Currency + User Inventory
  • Submission Logs + All other logs that could previously be found under the "History" Tab.
  • MYO Inventory (as a result of this change the MYO masterlist page is also now going to be hidden for all users by default.)

The privacy setting is set to "on" by default, but if you wish to keep this setting turned off, then you can go into the settings area to toggle it off. At current, all lockable features are tied to the same privacy toggle so turning privacy on or off will affect all of the listed features at once.

Advertisement & Privacy Settings: Due to this new setting change, if you intend to advertise items for trade we recommend you either provide a screenshot as proof for users who may be interested in trading with you, or turn off the privacy setting temporarily while doing so.


Upgrades and Additions

  • For users within the Gremcorps Discord Server, the #rules channel has been given a visual upgrade for ease of reading. Some rules were also given better clarification as to avoid loopholing.

  • A new Grem2 Guide has been added to the site. This guide has been set up to be more of a tutorial guide to help aid newcomers in their Grem2 creation. This guide and other guides are still considered WIPs, therefore they will be given small updates over time.


Changes to come

  • ย For the Gremcorps discord server, the grem advertisements channel will be changing to be more generalized in the future. Channel rule modifications to accomodate these new changes are underway and will be made in the next week or two.

  • A note from MrGremble: It's been a long time coming, but I'm firmly going to make the decision to up the group age from 13+ to a 16+ rating. When this change will officially take place is currently TBA. I will be going more in-depth on this change later-on while I work to modify the rules and TOS to match with the new age range changes. This has been a decision I've wanted to make for a very long time but have been too terrified to honestly do given the size of the group, but in order to be able to tell the story of my species more accurately, I feel that it is a necessary change.

    What will become of the younger demographic will be given in higher detail once I've made the official shift in another news post.


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