Mini Prompt: Eden🌱

Mini Prompt: Eden🌱

Category: Event
Ends: 31 May 2024, 23:59:59 EDT (1 week from now)

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Art Credit: Snappy


The season is about growing closer to nature and as such growing closer to Eden herself. If you have a bit of free time whilst helping out, maybe you could stop and spend some time with her near her tree? The goddess is kind and cares for all living beings, and so would love the chance to get to know a bit more about you too!

(Prompt will end: June 1st, 11:59PM EST)


  • Show your grem interacting with Eden! Hold her hand, give her offerings, or simply have a great conversation,  get creative with it!



  • This prompt can be completed three times a month per user.
  • Eden is required to be included in this piece.
  • Pieces submitted must be created uniquely for this prompt. Pre-existing pieces cannot be submitted. 
  • All forms of art are acceptable but the entry must be created by you.

Bonuses do NOT apply for this prompt. This is a flat reward prompt.

You will Receive the following:



x5  Petal Currency PetalCurrency1a.png    


Minimum Requirements:

> Pieces submitted can either be Drawn (digital/traditional) or Written.

Drawn pieces: 

  • Absolute minimum requirement is an uncolored sketch wherein at least 25% of the grem is visible.
  • The face & head of the grem MUST be recognizable in your piece, anything too difficult to decipher has a high possibility of being denied.
  • If your character is heavily obstructed/obscured (Whether by blurring, effects, clothing, or shading.) so much so that we cannot tell who/where they are or easily make out the detail in the piece, then your entry will be declined.
  • Collabs are not allowed, the entire entry must be created solely by you!

Written pieces:

  •  Written entries must be at least 200 words.
  • If submitting through a google doc entry, please be sure your link is set to “shareable” so that it can be opened and viewed by the prompt team.
  • This prompt CAN be completed as gift art. 
  • Including other grems is allowed for this prompt however your entry should still meet the requirements listed above.
    • Please be sure you have permission from other owners before including their Grems in your entry! You can view characters open for gift art here.
    • Any grems present in your entry must have an up-to-date masterlist entry. Meaning your grem should be under your name and all designs present in an entry must match with their current masterlist images. (Ex: If you have recently redesigned your grem, you will have to wait until the masterlist has updated with the new version before including it in an entry.)
  • Collabs are not allowed, the entire entry must be created solely by you!
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please do not submit works that are not your own.
    • Artwork cannot be traced or made using pre-existing templates/bases  (including memes.) (References towards memes are ok, but the piece should still be largely original content.)

When submitting your entry, please be sure to fill out the "Characters" and "Rewards" section, as well as any forms needed in the "Comments" section. Submissions that fail to do this may be sent back to the user so that characters used and any reward choices they may have forgotten can be added. For more info on how to submit a prompt, see here!

Please be sure any and all prompts submitted follow our Community and Submission Guidelines.


Reward Amount
Scraps from the Tree 1
Petal 5