Vell's Howler

Vell's Howler

Status: Mount

Species Availability: Closed, you cannot make your own

Introduced / Native: Native

Location: Dispersed all over the Rallome Continent, High populations can be found in the Aviana, Shoal & Suvia Regions

Habitat: Deciduous Forests & Shrubland mixes

Size: Adult 6’ all fours, 9’-10’ Standing 


Base: Vell's Howler Base

You are only able to use this base if you own a ticket to create one!


Quick Description: 

This lumbering creature is a terrestrial & arboreal generalist with a food range that matches their variable lifestyle. This species uses its hard head and long claws in order to access hard to reach hiding prey, insects, large roots & tubers, or any edible thing it can get its hands on with the use of bashing , slashing, and climbing their way to get to them. Their large size aids in weighty competitions between other contesting males & females for territory and food, but can also aid in pushing down or breaking apart rotting logs for any tasty morsels. 

Vell’s Howlers tend to be a nocturnal species, becoming active in the evening and all through the night, then finally hunkering down when the sun comes up. This species is characteristically named the “howler” for the male’s territorial calls, this chilling sound can be heard for up to a mile. 

This particular species is typically known for congregating around the Demi-God “Vell” as their pocket dimensional effects are a sought after environment. 


Misc Facts: 

  • Generally sleepy creatures, do not wake them up unless you have a snack to offer.
  • Stores fat in tail for the colder seasons.
  • Gives off the scent of lavender & Coffee.
  • “Moon Shaped” marking on the tail is used to signal to other Howlers as a means of visual communication, the bolder and clearer their moon marking is, the healthier they are.


Basic Design Rules


Vell’s Howlers require:

- A “Moon Shape” Marking on their tail

- Long strong ears

- Signature long claws 

- Hardened top head with protruding fangs

- Bushy tail

- Furry body

- Large and Built body shape (thinner ones exist so have fun with their weight).


Unavailable Colours/Markings/Traits

- Albinism / Piebald

- Unnatural markings

- Bright Colours (must be dark and natural coloured)

Available Markings ✔️

- Melanism

- Natural Markings such as stripes, spots, gradients, rosettes, points, etc.

- Moon & Star Markings



Howlers are a mid to dark toned creature primarily on the furry parts of their bodies, any bare skin is typically light in colour but you’re able to use dark colours as well.

The night sky is their usual theme, sticking to dark night colours are what they’re commonly seen with. 

The colours depicted here are loose iterations that are requested to be worked within, some deviation is allowed but if the design is too far from the natural look of the creature then it has a high possibility of being denied. 

Free choice of colours on: Eyes, Mouth, Claws, Teeth



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