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Rarity: Common (1)
Status: Pet
Species Availability: Closed species, you cannot make your own
Size Comparison: Blue tongue Skink
Quick description: This semi-aquatic cave dweller prefers dark spaces. Their small eyes lack much sight and so they rely heavily on the use of their antennae in order to sense out their surroundings while hunting for small prey like mice, bugs, and fish. These voracious carnivores will eat anything that moves, so try not to wiggle your hand infront of one of these fellas!

Their diets also consist of eating a variety of crystals in order to gain the necessary materials to produce a successful clutch of eggs. The crystals they consume infuse with the shells of their eggs to give them extra security in harsh unforgiving waters.

If you have a token to create a pet of this variety and you would like to use the pre-made base when designing your pet, you can find the SwitcherEel base Here.

There are no color restrictions when creating a switcher eel; however, the general anatomy of your switcher eel should remain the same as the default anatomy for the species.


-Sometimes can be found munching on quartz for some sort of nutrition that they lack. (Crystals provide them the material they need to produce eggs.)

-Their false tail is used to confuse predators, and can fall off and grow back if anything tries to bite it.

-These creatures can stay under water for long periods of time to find food. They have both lungs and gills to breathe both air and water.

-Their massive mouths have very impressive jaw strength, locking onto their prey and crushing it once in it's grasp.

Scotty And Her Tiny Eel Children by GremCorporation

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