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Trinket: Maskoff’s Crystal

Category: Trinket

Artist: Mrgremble

Maskoff's Trinket

As you leave the nightmare filled tent, Maskoff's carnival, you notice that your pocket is warm. Investigating you find the little crystal you had earn in these events. It begins to softly glow rythmically until POP! it falls open in your hands. Two smaller star like crystals fly out with great speed and zoom around around your head before settling softly into orbit.

These crystals act as a compass or a simple means of tracking a creature the owner is familiar with, by “pointing” in the right direction when asked. While these stars seem to be able to somehow sense your grem’s will when spoken to, they do not seem to be intelligent, though they seem almost ‘playful’ in nature, and will follow very simple instructions, such as hovering above a book to lend you a bit of extra light, or helping you find that thing you dropped in the dark!



  • These little stars can be blue and red individually but can be of varying saturation, sometimes even appearing completely white.
  • The stars can either rotate around a grems head or hover over a grems head or forhead when locating. They can freefloat but genrerally they stay in orbit.
  • The stars leave little trails behind themselves.