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Ticket: Mutation +1

Category: Tickets

Artist: Charingo

Congrats on getting a Mutation ticket! If you have received this ticket then you are able to use it to add ONE paid mutation onto onto a pre-existing grem! You have access to all of the Paid mutations!!


How do I use it?
A: if you wish to use this ticket to add +1 Paid mutation onto your grem, then all you'd need to do is follow the re-design rules while adding the Paid Mutation of your choice onto an existing grem in your name, then have it approved through design approval process (more info on that on the masterlist: Masterlist Hub (4.0)).

-By accepting this ticket, you are adhering to our Gremcorps rules, please be sure to go over the designing rules properly.
- This ticket can ONLY be redeemed for for what is specified above (+1 Paid Mutation) and cannot be traded or sold.