MYO Slot

◈MYO Slot gifting, trading, and selling◈

You can obtain MYO slots through events, shops, sales on-site and through the discord. MYO slots cannot be traded, only gifted and sold for their purchase price.



You can design your MYO slot yourself, have a friend design it for free, or commission an artist to design it. If you have commissioned an artist, please mention it (with proof) in the comment section of your design update request so that we can add the value to the character's current value.
Please be sure that if you are commissioning an artist, they have access to the guides below!


◈Updating the MYO Slot◈

Here's how you use your MYO slot!

  1. Draw a masterlist image following the Grem Guide, Blood Rules
    Images must be fullbody, and include a headshot which shows the recessive blood with visible mouth/teeth, inner ears, and eyes. The grem’s design must be unobscured by clothing or accessories in the main fullbody image, though you may optionally include a side-image in the ref depicting the grem clothed/accessorized. If you have trouble drawing your grem but want to do so on your own, there are templates open to the public!

  2. Request a Design Update for your MYO Slot.
    Go to the MYO Slot's masterlist entry. On the left, there is a "Submit MYO design" option under Settings. Click "Create request" and it will create a draft, where you must fill out the information required. Be sure to SAVE every tab (unsaved tabs have red X's) and hit submit on the Status tab.

    Be sure to appropriately fill out any traits. If you are unsure about what traits to list, please take a look at the Traits section or ask to message someone in the QnA section of our discord server.

  3. An admin will accept if approved, send it back if it needs to be edited or cancel if denied.
    They will leave a comment on why it was sent back and what needs fixing as well as a reason if completely denied!

Once the entry is approved, they'll get their own masterlist entry and will be ready for you to start using your new friend~!