GremCorps' Purchasing Center

GremCorps' Purchasing Center


Please note that this shop is still under active development. Prices, and stock are subject to change as the arpg develops.

Welcome to The Grem Purchasing Center

Feel free to browse our selection of Grem2 MYO slots. At the moment we have a small variety to choose from! They can be purchased here with gibs.



Beware, once you hit the "purchase" button, your purchase will be submitted and gibs will automatically be deducted from your account. Only hit the "purchase" button once you are 100% ready.



Pod Reservation - Reduced Price
Pod Reservation - Reduced Price
Cost: 100 G
Max 1 per user
Cannot be transferred after purchase
Pod Reservation
Pod Reservation
Cost: 200 G
Max 1 every two months per user