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Getting Started


Registering for the site

For full control of your account, this website uses your deviantArt account to verify your identity.

  1. Register your account!
    We recommend that you use a name similar to your alias on deviantArt and other websites for easy identification. Please do not use spaces in your username.

  2. Confirm your email.
    Emails can take 5-10 minutes to send, please be patient! And be sure to check spam and junk folders. As a note, we've had some issues with yahoo email addresses-- you may need a gmail or other account.

  3. Connect your deviantArt account.
    Log in and navigate to your settings. The site will prompt you to verify your deviantArt account! Be sure you are linking to the deviantArt account associated with your masterlist ownership.

If you are missing characters, items, or currency, please submit a claim to get it corrected!

URL or SUBJECT: title the claim "Missing [items/currency/characters]"
Comments: "I recently joined the website, and these are all my missing items, currency, and characters: [list]"
Rewards: list all items and currency that are missing


Where can i get a design?

Grems are a closed species, meaning they cannot be freely made by anyone. You can obtain a grem in the following ways:

  • Purchase them from an official designer
    Autobuy price is normally $250-$500 USD depending on rarity or mutations

  • Purchase an MYO slot to create your own
    Price is normally $60 for a normal slot ($40 for new owners), or $70 for a mutation slot ($50 for new owners). These sales are limited and hosted by MrGremble on dA. You are also able to try and get a myo slot from the Discord chat as they are sometimes sold there too, but you need to ask for an invite to join (note gremcorps for an invite) and you need to read the rules and be a level ten member in order to join the myo slot sales.

  • Win them by participating in events and prompts
    Events occur throughout the year where you can join a raffle for an MYO slot or, rarely, a premade grem.

  • Buy/trade existing designs from other members.

  • Purchase a custom from MrGremble
    This option is rare and can be rather expensive, so if you aren't interested in that, then please read the ones above. Customs are very rare. They come in auction form and can be within the price range of $250-$1500 based on the auction, the higher the price, the higher the rarity becomes. $250 is Normal class and $1500 range is Cypherus class!

Be sure that anyone you are buying/trading from has a masterlist entry with their name listed as the owner. We provide the masterlist for your security, but cannot refund you your money or other goods from a trade or sale between members.


I've got a design-- now what?

Safety first! To prevent scams and prove your ownership, be sure you take the following measures:

  • Be sure you obtain the high resolution, un-watermarked image for that adopt's official art if it exists.
    The person you obtained it from should have it. These can be used as proof of ownership in lieu of all other options. If posting them online, you should only post lower resolution or unwatermarked versions.

  • Be sure that the masterlist is updated with your ownership.
    If you obtained your design from an official designer sale, it will be updated automatically! If not, you need to be sure the grem's ownership is transferred to you through a trade request.

  • Create a character profile.
    Many people have their own preferences on how to present their characters. Some fill out character sheets on deviantArt, some fill out pages on and store their lore and art there. Others make tracker journals or deviations. You can also add information on the masterlist entry itself. We strongly recommend choosing one method so others can learn about your character!

With a character, you can participate in events in the group! They are a great way to brainstorm ideas for your characters, to make connections with others, and to otherwise play around in the world.


I'm not happy with my character...

You can change a grem's build or personality at any time, and you can tweak the visual design (either colors OR traits) once a month. Look at the redesign guide for more information.