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December 6 Announcement

Posted 1 day and 1 hour ago :: Last edited 1 day and 1 hour ago by Toothlessego

Cypherus Cap

In response to the community's feedback, we have decided to implement a Cypherus Grem Cap of 3 going forward. This means that users may not own more than 3 Cypherus Grems at a time.

This number was based on a community vote, and may change as accessibility to Cyphers shifts over time, but that will likely be a decision that we once again leave up to the community when that time comes.

For users who already have over 3 Cyphers, this cap will mean that you may not acquire additional Cyphers until you have dropped below the cap. You may still keep the Cyphers you have and swap them for other Cyphers, but if you trade one away, you may not acquire another until you own fewer than 3.

We will still be making the majority of sales and giveaways NCO (non-cypherus-owner) i ... View More

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