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   To celebrate the arrival of the Scotty's new Pet Shop and the updates made to several of our in-game companion creatures, we have decided to host a little community contest! For a while now we have seen suggestions here and there to hold some sort of fauna related prompt or event, where community creatures might get added officially into the world of Palleth.

   For this contest, we are turning to YOU, the community members, to see what you’ve got to offer. Of course we love our current roster of little guys and big beautiful steeds, but what better way to spice things up a bit and add some fun into the mix than by letting you have a chance to add a creature of your very own into the game?

   Every participant who enters will be granted a small reward for their entry, and a few special prizes will be given to the First Place winner and two Runner Up’s.

   There will be a few specific rules and guidelines that all entrants will need to follow in order for their entries to count, so please take your time and read over everything carefully before entering! 


 First and foremost: 
By entering you agree that, should you win First Place, your creature design will become the property of Gremcorps, and all rights to create, edit, and manage the species will be passed along to the Gremcorps group and staff. Credits will be given to you for its creation, but the rights to modify, create derivatives of, and redistribute the creature will pass wholly to the Gremcorps group.

For the design:
> Users may create and submit any number of creature designs for entry into the contest. (The same user may not win multiple place prizes.)
> The first place winning creature design will then be added into the game as a Common rarity species. 

The creature design should adhere to these limitations:

  • When creating your creature, please be sure to avoid any copyrighted content and heavily referenced meme related content. 
  • Any nsfw, or offensive themes pertaining to race/religion/extreme violence/etc will disqualify your creature.
  • Avoid simple real-life animal hybridization (Eg: Dog with wings, dino with saber teeth). Mix it up and make it your own!
  • Creatures should be drawn at minimum in a full-body, profile view so that we can see the entirety of the animal’s body design.
  • Designs do not have to be colored, but should be at least cleanly lined.
  • Backgrounds should be transparent!
  • Digital art & traditional art submissions only.
  • When submitting your design please be sure to fill out all of the appropriate information and include all required images in your submission. Please see the “HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN” section below for further details and instructions.


To submit your entry click the button below and you will be taken to a form. Please Include a link to your final creature in the URL section of your entry ALONG WITH the required portions of the form filled out.

Submit Entries Here!


1st place - 
  • Your creature design will be added into the game as an official Palleth creature.
  • You will be given a special token that will allow you to create x1 of your creature that will have the "Gold Standard" upon creation. 
  • You will receive the first 5 standard creature tokens for your creature. These can be kept or traded/gifted to other users. 
  • You will be given a ticket that allows you to redeem x1 free pet shop item of your choice 
  • 75 gibs
(2) Runner up prizes  - 
  • You will receive x1 carni crunch pet item.
  • You will receive x1 herbi delight pet item.
  • 35 gibs


Basic Entry -
  • All entrants by default will receive 5 gibs (for the first entry only!) for their entries regardless of final placing. (These will be distributed at the end of the contest.)


What happens to my creature design if I don’t win first place?
Gremcorps staff will only have the right to use the First Place winning creature design for website display and group use. Runner ups and any contestants who do not place first will be able to keep their creature designs and can re-use or sell them however they see fit (as one-offs, for adopts, etc.)

What does it mean that the winning creature design will become property of Gremcorps?
The first place creature design will be added into the game, displayed on the Gremcorps website, and used as an official Palleth in-world creature that will be obtainable via the arpg. Other users will be able to create them through the use of the appropriate in-game token items. It also means that at any point in time staff can edit the creature’s information and design, use them in official Gremcorps prompts/events, artwork, and any other group related content. Even if the original artist/creator departs from the group, Gremcorps will still be able to use and display the creature for these purposes.

If I submit multiple creature designs, can I win multiple prizes/place in multiple spots?
Once you have won a place prize, you will not be elligible to win again. (So for example, if you win the first place prize, you will NOT be elligible to qualify as a Runner Up, even if you've submitted multiple creature designs.) This is to afford other users more chances at winning! 


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